Free Custom «Food Stamp Program» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Food Stamp Program» Essay Paper

The Federal government has been establishing support programs aimed at reducing the impact of social issues within its society.  The social welfare perspective in the United States has experienced significant changes and transformations that link to changes in social and economic variables.  The Food Stamp program is one of the well known social programs that was established in 1939. The Food Stamp program has undergone significant changes since its establishment. Funded by the Federal government alone, the program has struggled to make low-income citizens with food that allows them cater for the nutrition needs. Whereas this program experienced lack of enough funds, the program is touted for being effective.

Administration of the Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp Program is run by the Federal government through the U.S Department of Agriculture and the Food and Consumer Services. These departments are responsible for supporting the program while working with other states, as well as local government.  This program is effective because of the help of the State Welfare agencies who are tasked with the decortications of eligible persons, and the provision of assistance to worthy households. The Food and Consumer Services is charged with the authorization, research and investigation of the program implementation.  The administrative structure of the entire program has evolved over the years and approval of some Act’s that improved it.

Aims of the program

            The benefit of a healthy society cannot be overestimated. With changes in social and economic situation, the many Americans could not cater for their nutritional needs. In the light of this problem, the Federal government formulated this program to assist people with food supplements.  The Food Stamp Program aims at providing vulnerable groups such as children, disabled or the elderly and low-income earners the opportunity to obtain nutritional benefits.

            The program has a vital role of providin eligible citizens with the advantage that allow them to buy food that meets the nutritional needs. This program aims at meeting the necessity of having healthy society that can access nutritional food. With many people failing to meet their nutritional needs, the program’s focus is to close this gap and provide respectable citizens to buy food that will enhance their health and wellness. Whereas this program is not meant for under serving citizens most of the children, the disabled, the unemployed, families and working families are given equal considerations in the program to determine their eligibility.

The Food Stamp Program can be accessed by persons who have been determined to be eligible based on certain criterion.  For individuals to be awarded benefits, they are required to have met resources and income. The use of resources and income test are useful in determining, those who are eligible to be given the electronic benefit cards used to redeem the program’s benefits.

Effectiveness of the program

The Food Stamp Program has a noble purpose of ensuring that the American society is healthy and in a position to reduce cost on health spending. While the program has gone through significant changes that have made it be revised, the program has been successful in its objectives.  The effectiveness of this program rest on a number of milestones that have been achieved since the program was implemented (Edelstein 151).  The indicators for the effectiveness of the program are based on reduced error rates, provision of aid to a wider population, the response of the program to recession.

            a)         Reduced error rate. The Food Stamp Program had long been affected by error that led to payment of benefit to the wrong people. However, the error related to the program has reduced pointing to an internal improvement of the program. This improvement is central to effective management of funds.

            b)      &nbbsp;  The Food Stamp Program has been effective in reaching the target households. It is confirmed that about 40 million individuals are beneficiaries of the program (Reuters para 1). More people have access to the programs benefits.

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            c)         The Food Stamp Program has been lauded for responding effectively to the recent economic recession. With the recession exposing families and communities to economic hurdles, the Food Stamp Program became one of the sources of help to this population. The benefits that people received during the recession confirms to the effectiveness of the program.

            Certainly, I tend to believe that this Food Stamp Program has stood the test of time and it is one of the well managed programs in the United States. Despite the various challenges that this program is associated with, this program can be further improved in order to remove its bottlenecks. In addition, this will allow the program to reach more people than before. There are some complaints that have been raised concerning the eligibility criteria used by those running the program. In my own opinion, I believe that revising these rules to cater for new cases can increase the value and efficacy of the program in a tremendous way. In addition, I believe that much has to be done in improving other areas of the program that can allow families and communities to reap the benefit of the program through their effective participation.

Certainly, the Food Stamp Program is one of the well-organized programs in the United States.  Established to provide deserving households with nutritional supplement, the Food Stamp Program has been of immense value to many families and individuals who lack enough income or resources to meet their nutritional requirement. With reduced error rates, provision of services to a wider society and a positive response to recession, this program has been lauded as effective. In my opinion, this program is essential, but much to be done to streamline is management


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