Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Discrimination» Essay Paper

Discrimination is a consideration based on class or category rather than individual merit. Today almost whole world has become the victim of discrimination. Discrimination is very common in organizations. In most of the organizations, the workers are employed improperly. The organizations usually select and employed those people who belongs to historically advantaged groups. They ignore the qualified workers of the minority just because of their race, color, gender, religion. As in the article, minority candidates were discriminated against New Haven. Although the candidates of minority scored higher in the promotional tests but they were not selected for the posts. When the issue was taken to the court, the Supreme Court held that New Haven violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by throwing out the tests.

For this injustice the Justice Anthony Kennedy stated that one cannot justify alone on the basis of his race. Those individuals have complete rights of having the posts if they are qualified and have passed the examinations. The decision which was made by the court in favor of firefighters shows the great impact on discrimination and diversity issues in employment law. The decisions and employment law have saved the minorities from the significant discrimination which they normally face in having the jobs. Due to such decisions, the minorities become less victim of discrimination.

Discrimination at workplace or organization is a global problem. Discrimination can be on any basis such as on the basis of race, sex, religion, color language and etc.

All these types of discrimination affect the organization from every aspect. It has a damaging effect on the organizations. The organizations where employees are treated with the discriminating behavior have a negative kind of reputation. The well-educated, experienced, and qualified workers of the minorities do not come there due to which organization loss a great source of qualified and experienced workers. This kind of behavior show lower job satisfaction. The organizations where the sense of equality is not present are unable to make progressive changes. Due to the discrimination, the organization usually results in work efficiency decline. If can organization discriminate women, they have not female employee, this company will lose work balance because women are more patiently and carefully, which are men?s weakness. The discrimination is very harmful for the society as well as for an organization. Due to it, there is a lack of achievements, lack of skills, loss of motivation, lack of interest in anything and absence from work in the workers of that organization where discrimination is very common (Levesque, 1989).

Discrimination is one of the major factors which are affecting the different organizations adversely. It is very harmful for the organization. For this purpose, there is a great need of government intervention. It is the responsibility of the government that it should constitute laws to avoid it. The laws which have been introduced by the judicial system for prohibiting the unlawful employment discrimination should be given a great importance.

Not only this, these laws should be made essential for the organizations which hire the employees. More rights should be established to prohibit the race and color discrimination. It is also the responsibility of the society that that it should set up some organizations or communities that can help the people who are suffering from discrimination. An organization can prevent the discrimination by developing equal rights, pay and opportunities for the employees in it. All the employees should be treated in a respectful manner (Robinson, 2003). A peaceful environment should be provided so that all the employees work with great concentration. These steps will create a positive image for an organization and will lead it to the prosperity.



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