Free Custom «Corrupt Politicians» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Corrupt Politicians» Essay Paper

            Politicians purport to represent the people’s issues in the government, which is not the case. Their statements and actions prove that they are pretenders and corrupt in nature. There are several proofs to this point such as when they engage in double speak, using of coercion in order to remain in power, the impressive pay package that they receive been their motivation for joining politics, and neglecting the people after their election to the parliament. The situation with politicians is the same around the world, and none of them can be credit for being honest.

This paper asserts the point that politicians are corrupt, and they would do anything to stay in power not caring what happens to their people.


            Firstly, the politicians are corrupt because of the empty promises that they make to the electorate. Many politicians around the world use this tactic to get to power and then desert the people that voted for them. This proves their corrupt nature because they promise the voters several things ranging from improved infrastructure, development projects, and school bursaries for their children. However, soon after their election, many politicians move away from that region and lounge in large cities waiting for the paycheck every end month while the electorates continue to suffer. This case is more rampant in African countries, and it explains why African states continue to suffer from poverty.

            The second indicator of the politicians’ corrupt nature emerges from the fact that they sometimes employ coercion in order to stay in power. Many politicians in the world use force to seize power. This is utter corruption because they are seizing what does not belong to them. Besides using power and coercion, some politicians rig the elections to indicate that they have won fairly, which is not the case. Many incidences of coup d'état and rigging have been reported in Africa and Middle East countries. A superb example here is what happened in the last elections held in Zimbabwe, and the post election violence in Kenya.

            Thirdly, politicians are corrupt from the way conduct themselves in the parliament through accenting to bills that allow them to increase their salaries while they refuse to increase the salaries of the civilians. This proves the politicians corrupt nature because they already earn an exorbitant amount, but they still increase their figures while they do not cater for the civilians, and if they do, it is on a small percentage.

            Lastly, the politicians are corrupt because of the scandals that they perpetrate while in the government. Several politicians identify with scandalous deals. Besides that, they make decisions that are not popular with the people. This is a form of betrayal, as a principled politician needs to consult. For instance, president’s Bush decision to take troops to Iraq was not accepted by the people, as they feared for the safety of their brothers and sisters who were in the troop, and some argued that it would increase terrorist threats to the United States. Bush did not listen to their pleas and went on to dispatch the troops. This is a form of corruption, as he wants to appear to be in power.

            In conclusion, several points are highlighted to prove the corrupt nature of politicians. These include the empty promises that they make to the people, passing of bills in parliament that will ensure their salary increment, using of coercion and rigging to get or stay in power, like what happened in Zimbabwe, and lastly, the politicians are always implicated in corrupt deals, which include the awarding of tenders through unethical ways and looting of the public money.




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