Free Essay Sample «Avoiding Racism»

Free Essay Sample «Avoiding Racism»

For a long time, the growth of various societies has been hampered by various factors, such as poverty, diseases, racism, ethnicity, and lack of education among other notable factors. To address this, the concerned governments and stakeholders have invested a substantial amount of resources to eliminate some of these factors. However, Shapiro (51) found out that the issue of racism continues to escalate despite the various efforts that have been made to curb this vice. Jackson (10) defines racism as the general belief that various inherent traits in the human racial groups can justify discrimination. This paper will critically evaluate how the modern society can avoid racism.

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How the Modern Society Can Avoid Racism

As noted above, the issue of racism has seriously affected the development of different societies, especially those found in the developed countries, such as the United States of America and the European countries. Robinson (16) has candidly indicated that there are different forms of racism, such as racial discrimination, institutional racism, and economic discrimination. It is crucial to note that racism and segregation has no positive effects as far as the development of any country is concerned.

To suppress this vice, political leaders, employers, religious groups, and other stakeeholders should sensitize the public on short and long-term adverse effects of racism. This way, the participation of the minority groups like the immigrants will be improved, hence eradicating racism. The other solution is to impose heavy fines to those who commit the act of racism. For example, in the last month, the world’s football governing body, FIFA, has highly fined some players and football clubs because of utterances relating to racism.

In conclusion, I would like to underline that the issue of racism and segregation must be condemned at the highest level possible. This way, a strong and cohesive community will be established, hence resulting to a sustainable global growth.


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