Free Custom «War and Terrorism» Essay Paper

Free Custom «War and Terrorism» Essay Paper

Increase in insecurity throughout the world has been a major disturbing issue in history. It has been the role of every world leader to realize an atmosphere that embraces peace with respect of humanity. Although many theories have been put across justifying terrorism and criminal behavior in the society, it is hard to identify any advantage of terrorism even though it has been considered by some people as a tool to solve problems. What a barbaric way! As a result, war and terrorism remain rooted in the current generation, with lives and property being lost almost daily. To achieve a clear understanding of the concept of war and terrorism, this essay explores the origins of group violence, the global rise of religious violence, white male militia, and terrorism and the politics of fear.

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Terrorism can be described as the illegal use of violence to threaten a government or society. This could be either in the form of real attacks or threats to cause confusion and tension. Sociological experts argue that terror threats are more the same as real attacks and that the two may have similar effects. However, threats create terrorism awareness and set a mood of counter attack preparedness at home and internationally. History has witnessed an increase in the number of terror groups in Western countries, Middle East and even in Africa. This has left many people contemplating da and night on the origin of group violence which later develops into international terrorism. Groups of violence are usually people who come together and operate as a solid unit in advocating hate violence and hostility towards a given society, nation, ethnic group or any other societal sector. It is important to note that violence begins at home and at an early stage among children in schools and other social centers.

How does poverty promote groups of violence? It has been argued that many people who get involved in criminal activities do so as a result of lack of basic needs and poor living standards. When the gap between the poor and rich continues to widen, violence automatically takes its course. This triggers a feeling that considers violence as the only way of improving life. As a result people, young or old get organized to pursue violence as a means of making their ends meet. Societal view on violence also affects the course of terrorism (Staub, 1992). When people accept violence as a means of solving problems, there is always a high likelihood of many groups of violence coming up.

The global rise of religious violence has also been quite controversial. Does religion promote violence? Although religion has always been seen as a force of peace and social harmony, it has close links with violence. If this were correct, then the world would a peaaceful place to stay. According to experts, religion polarizes violence situation and attempts to justify the use of violence as a way of fighting evil and maintaining morality in the society. As a unit that aims at upholding morality many religious groups find it hard to cope with certain state laws and regulations which may be a direct contrast of their teachings. This may force religious leaders to preach violence as a way of maintaining their status. Although religion is not the inherent cause of terrorism, it augments the fight for religious identity thus camouflaging violence into something acceptable, holy and inspirational (Juergensmeyer).

On the other hand, it has been hard to draw a line between politics and terrorism. Despite this dilemma, it is important for the war against terrorism in the world to be freed from political partisan and influence which surround it (Pfaff 2002). Many politicians use terrorism and terror groups to pursue political interests in favor of their nation or self. Many wars ranging from World War I to the Iraqi have been linked to politics and political fear which instill the use of violence. This makes it hard to justify politics as a mechanism to be adopted in pursuit of peace and harmony in the society. Although there are countless factors which promote violence, the war on terrorism is a collective responsibility in the world.


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