Free Custom «The Democratic Peace Theory» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Democratic Peace Theory» Essay Paper


Democracy is the political government whereby the people hold the supreme power of the nation, and it is exercised through elected members who represent different groups. Democratic peace theory is the stereotype where by democratic nation do not conflict or fight one another. The word peace in the theory does not mean that democratic nations are peaceful; it only means that they use their conflicts in making peace and other benefits of the nation. However, this is just a belief that people have, and in the contrary democratic nation also challenge one another although most of them do not. Most of the democratic nations have been involved in conflict among themselves indirectly although at some point it develops to physical war. Democratic nation have tried hard to keep the conditions of the peace theory, but still they are fighting indirectly and some time uses people to commit terrorist attacks on their behalf.

Athens and Syracuse

After the defeats of the Persians in 489BC at Salamis and 479BC at Plataea, Athens started rising politically and was among the top nations of the Greeks. As she rose, she became the strongest among the members of the Delian league and reached a point where she started demanding money from the league and using it in building artichectural and cultural showplaces. The Polises were not pleased with the Athenians and when they confronted them to solve this it broke in to war. The war was said to be the struggle between whale and elephant. The Athenians had the strongest navy while the Sparta’s had the strongest army. This made the war last long and have caused many deaths since both sides were strong in their own way. The Sparta’s were able to attack the Athenians when they invaded them through the waters. There were massive destructions, and finally the Athenians decided to surrender 412BC. Athens having started the war, were reduced from begin the strongest in the Greeks to an ordinary city. Although after some time, the Athenians recovered their strength and fought against the Sparta’s, their victory did not make them recover the property they lost during the war.

Democracy and domestic terrorism

Democratic countries are known to have the people as the supreme power and use representatives in exercising them. This has not been the case in other democratic nations, and instead the government has been exploiting the rights of the citizens. Political leaders have been using their power and money in bribing people to act on their favor. For instance, political candidates have been using money to bribe people in order to corrupt the election. In other cases, political leaders’ hires group of people to influence people the rest of the people to vote for a certain leader. There are threats made to people who refuse to follow the rule of the majority. Corruption is used to undermine the decision made by the majority and favors individuals. Political leaders are not even there to represent the people but for their own selfish benefits.

The constitution states clear that one has the right to make decisions, preach his or her religion, and freedom of speech but this is ignored and assumed. For example, in the 2007 election in Kenya, there was post election violence that was conducted by political leaders. Youths were paid by political leaders to cause violence in order to repeat the election. The strikes and demonstration caused many killings and loss of property for many Kenyans (Ray, 1998). The government was unstable and was unable to intervene in order to stop the killings. The fight became tribal war, and people living away from their homes were murdered and their property destroyed. Many Kenyans were displaced, and if it were not for the intervention of a group called Mungiki, Kenya would have lost many citizens. Nowadays, people who used to drive luxurious cars and lived in large houses are forced to live in tents, and are constantly displaced.

Democrats use perpetuators in terrorism.

Although democratic nation are in most cases not involved in war, they normally use perpetrators in committing crime secretly. This does mean that they do not have their own armed forces; it is just that they try hard to maintain the agreement in the democratic peace theory. There are several cases whereby democratic nation sends perpetrators, and unfortunately, they are caught before completing their mission and they are forced to confess the master mine of the mission. The perpetrators are sponsored and provided with every weapon and then given loads of cash just to commit terrorist acts. Most of the perpetuators are retired or resigned soldiers who have the skills of using the deadly weapon used by the military force. Political leaders use their money to kill and destroy the people they want to use perpetrators. In most ceases, the countries caught up in this situation are the democrats fighting against other democratic nations. For example, even after the cold world war, united state has been caught severally using perpetrators for bombing in Iraq and also other democratic nations. This shows that although the theory is respected and followed, democratic nations are still involved in war among each other.

Fight through the media

This is one of the tools used in the spread of propaganda and passing unfavorable influence of other people and countries. Media is used in indirect political war between people of the same nation and also among democratic nations. In fact, other international media houses owned by democratic nations that are severally involved in terrorist attacks use the media to spread and display superb image of the country and destroy the image of other nations. For example, there is a case where a news reporter was killed in Afghanistan, for confessing that they are forced to display superb image of the country, and it is not what people think (Edward & Jack, 2002). It is surprising how this news reached the public because another person may have sacrificed himself or herself for people to know the hidden truth. The media houses of different democratic countries have been indirectly fighting through the media through the political and economic crisis of the countries.

Competition among democratic countries

Industrialization has brought competition all over the world, whereby every nation is trying hard to be on top of the others. Although the competition in these countries has led to the increase in economic growth of the countries, it has also brought conflicts and antagonism between democratic countries. Most of the countries have unique products that are selling in international markets, and if there are two countries with the same product, the competition becomes harder. For example, Iraq has been the country known for providing oil to other countries without completion from other countries, but the problem came up when Israel claimed that they also have their oil mine (Sebastian, 2003). This time there was not only indirect war but physical war. Iraq could not lose their customers to Israel since they started selling oil at a cheaper price. In an article in a magazine, there was the story on the countries that are using terrorist to bomb other countries in order to destroy their tourist attraction site. This is to avoid competitors in the tourist attraction sector. Most of the countries involved in this acts are democratic countries, and since they do not want to be involved in physical war they fight each other indirectly.

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Intra war in democratic nations

Intra war is the fights between different groups in a country where by the military force is forced to intervene in order to stop killings of innocent people. In most cases, the war is between two or even more tribes who are fighting for political leadership. The fight can also be influenced by the issue of determining the superior tribe or groups involved. For example, the democratic republic of Congo is among the nations in the world known for tribal war. Although the country gained independence in 1960s, they have been colonizing them selves and even causing more killing than the ones experienced during the colonial era. Even though, it is a democratic nation, the armed forces are the ones in charged of conducting and controlling the welfare of the nation. Political leader have formed a different military forces to fight each other looking for the strongest group to rule the nation (Mansfield & Snyder, 2005).

Since 1990s, there have been several reports of rape and murder cases that are committed by the different military groups. Many people are displaced, and others forced to seek refuge in the neighboring countries. Although there was peace for some time after united nation intervened, there is still a lot to be done in order to restore peace in the country. This is because children are brought up experiencing killings and they are involved in the killing of the next generation. This has slowed the economic growth of the country, because people are not at peace and instead spend most of their time hiding and running for safer places. The county is talented in different and famous musicians who are unable to live in their country, and instead they move to other countries and contribute to their economic growth. For instance, Kenya has several musicians from the democratic republic of Congo (DRC), whose fame has spread all over Africa and is identified as Kenyans (Richard & Shinv, 2001).

Civil unrest

Through history, it has been proven that when the political makeup of a country is changed the country is likely to turn in to civil unrest. Cote d’ ivoire (Ivory Coast) is a country located in the western Africa that experienced civil unrest after changing its political makeup. The country became a battle field and was involved in fights after the French who were the colonial government in Ivory Coast, changed the political system of the country. The French changed the rule governing the state and went ahead to even changing borders in different provinces. Communities felt that this was unfair and decided to fight for their rights. Although the country succeeded in attaining independence, there were still civil unrest even after the colonial government was over thrown.

There were tribal wars whereby each community tried to extend their borders by taking the parts that were developed by the French government. The country was also fighting for the religion that will govern the state. Christian had been there since the 19th century, and Islam was brought by the French and was practiced by most of the citizens in Ivory Coast. The country had high production of cocoa, and coffee but after the crisis, the country’s economic growth reduced immensely. Before the country realized the need to unite and promote economic growth, there were killings and many properties were lost. Today the country is peaceful and has a number of the best footballers in the world.



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