Separation of Powers

Free Essay Sample «Separation of Powers»

Separation of powers has its trace to the ancient Greece.  People who were responsible for framing the constitution for example in America designed the government system on the idea of three branches that are separate. The three branches are executive, legislative and judicial (Landauer and Rowlands, 2001). They are distinct in the manner which they operate and they have checks and balances in place. The manner in which they check each other helps in ensuring that no branch gains absolute power and consequently abuse the power they have been given and in any case oppress one branch.

            An example of a country where there is separation of powers is the Unite States where the president heads the executive branch which includes bureaucracy. Both the houses of congress: house of representative and the senate are included in the legislative. The final branch is the judicial which has both the federal courts and Supreme Court (Kelly, 2011).

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            The system of checks and balances is used to control the powers of each branch. The congress has the ability to pass laws but the same congress can have its legislative power checked by the president through veto power. The veto power is balanced by the congress by ensuring a two thirds vote in every house. Judiciary is in a position to limit and control legislative powers through judicial review powers which declares laws unconstitutional. The president controls judicial power through his ability to appoint judges.

            Presidential power to appoint judges is hence controlled by the power of the senate to approve appointments. The checks and balances system has been effective in enhancing sharing of power that is effective in the three branches of government. This brings cohesiveness in running of the government without unnecessary collisions and ruling is done through consultation.

Free Essay Sample «Separation of Powers»


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