Free Custom «Realist, Liberalist, Constructivist, and Marxist» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Realist, Liberalist, Constructivist, and Marxist» Essay Paper

The manner in which countries are governed varies according to the leadership and level of democracy. There are several theories, which help in, classification of political leadership. The criterion used in doing so is dependent on how both internal and foreign affairs are handled. This essay focuses on how such theories of governance in affect with international relations. These include ideologies propagated by realist, liberalist, constructivist and Marxist.

Constructivism is another important theory when it comes to international relations. According Wendt constructivism is defined by the following two tenets. He argues that the way in which people relate is a factor of similarity in their ideas and not the shared reources. He further stipulates that actions of individuals are constructed by such shared ideology and not materials. This theory is beneficial towards enhancement of good international relations.

In realism, a lot of emphasis is put on the constraint brought about by human nature and delineation of international influence. These two fundamentals of realism make international relations look like territories of power and interest. The egoistic nature of realists makes them poor in diplomacy and international relations in general.

Marxism is another basic theory in international relations. It is a theory which sharply differs with the tenets of liberalism and realism. Marxists dismiss these theories as self seeking ideoloogies propagated by economic giants to validate discrepancies in economies. They further argue that there is substantial discrimination based of economic strength. Wealthy nations are seen to discriminate against poorer ones despite having good political associations.

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Liberalism is one major concept of international relations. According to liberalists, international relations may deteriorate to extend of bringing about conflict. However, such theorists continue to argue that the states should focus on what is absolute gain and not relative ones. This is to mean there should be measurable gains from any international relations even if it means fighting. A philosophy supporting the famous saying: the end justifies the means.


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