Free Custom «Reagan?s Army» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Reagan?s Army» Essay Paper

The United States has one of the most interesting histories in the word with regard to political, social and economic issues. With its super power post in the world, the nation has had countless opportunities to dominate the world. Its presidents and leaders have always seen as key figures on the world’s leadership map for a long period of time. It is however important to note that the United States did not just rise from ashes and nowhere to the brim. It was a long time vision that was not only propagated by its leaders but was also implanted in the hearts of Americans. They had the passion of seeing their nation make progressive steps that would play pivotal roles in future generations. They believed that despite all the limitations in life, ranging from economic instability to political opinions, it was possible to become a dominant nation in the world. Immense credit is however accorded various leaders who served their nation with its interests at their hearts and risked their lives in ensuring a better United States. One of this is former President Ronald Reagan. From George Washington to Barrack Obama, Ronald Reagan is a memorable personality in the history of America for several reforms realized during his service as the 40th President of the United Sates. This essay therefore focuses on how President Ronald Reagan's build up of the armed forces lead to world dominance and how it affected the quick victory in desert storm.

Reagan became president of the United States at a time when the entire nation including the military was not proud of itself. The nation was undergoing healing after the Iranian hostage crisis that left many Americans in a state of helplessness. The new president had a heavy task ahead with manifold hope invested in his presidential win. Many Americans believed that the previous crisis had paralyzed President Jimmy Carter rendering him helpless. The condition was an ill fated experience for the military especially being considered as the lowest as the lowest point in the history of America’s defense. President Reagan’s election and inauguration in 1981 was therefore a source of inspiration for both civilians and those in military uniform. Light and hope replaced a cloud of darkness and despair which hung in the U.S atmosphere as he announced the release of hostages in his inauguration remarks. He played a fundamental role in restoring the image of the United States through decision and consultations with a sole purpose of building up the Armed forces that was later to promote victory in the desert storm.

Having realized that the United States’ Army was mourning over its miserable state, President Reagan focused on improving the standards of army officers by creating a high performance workplace which not only focused on military productivity but also performance achieved through provision of necessary equipment, training and above all appreciation. The desperate state of officers was substituted with a high morale charged spirit which led to the dominance of the United States. There was salary increment which saw most soldiers rise above civilians (DeBatto 2004). This salary had been maintained since the Vietnam era, a move which was highly welcomed. President Ragan further improved the life of army officers and their families by carrying out a mega housing rehabilitation. The move was seen as a contrast to what the President’s predecessor had done throughout his presidency.

Additionally, Reagan improved weaponry and provided all essential requirements for military battle such as M1 Abrams the attack helicopter, Apache. It is also remembered that it was during his reign that the Dress Battle Uniform commonly known as BDU was introduced for military officers, replacing an attire that had been considered ugly since 1950s. This was a rebirth of the image of a warrior which had been buried for decades affecting the performance of military officers in terms of morale boost. Moreover, there was increased funding that was meant for field training and improving military professionalism in the United States as never before. This led to arise in military standards setting an admirable pace throughout his two service terms. He also did the army proud by telling off their opponents that the United Sates was back and ready to kick them (Tilford 327). This was a major motivation for the army that led to fearless battle in the desert storm. The army felt the role of a commander-in-Chief who purely spoke change, becoming a source of encouragement to die for the nation.

It is clear that the enormous build of the army by President Reagan played a significant role in quick recovery in the Desert Storm. There was a plethora of works which was employed by nations making it impossible to predict the side which would emerge victoriously. It set pace for the performance of air campaign which is still used today. Even as the US military encountered an offensive side which had lost the will and ability to fight, its victory was not easily achieved and Reagan’s name cannot cease to be mentioned. It was the first time the Inertial Navigation system was used by every strike aircraft of the United States (Amland).

Although there are many factors which led to the success of the United States and its dominance in the Desert Storm, the role of President Reagan was also quite significant. There was enough aerial technology and sophisticated weaponry which would not have granted US its victory. Weapons have always been considered decisive in military battle. US opponents in the battle had enough weapons but never realized victory. The motivation, inspiration, support and general build up of the army by the Commander-in-Chief, President Reagan. It is moral warfare that granted quick victory to the United States’ army courtesy of the president. It sets effective measures and strategies. There is no doubt that the moral warfare granted victory to US, its opponents were morally crushed.



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