Free Custom «Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence» Essay Paper

The Declaration of Independence in the United States was a statement that was approved by the continental congress in the year 1776. This declaration explained the reasons as to why United States of America wanted to become an independent state but also what was the core reason of the government.  The first draft of the declaration was drafted by Thomas Jefferson and hence many people referred it to as Jeffersonian Democracy.  Thomas Jefferson was a Virginia planter. According to Jefferson, all human beings had distinct basic rights. He defined these rights as the rights that are inborn in humans and they are inseparable from them. In his comments, Jefferson points out that all human beings are equal and their creator has given them certain rights that can not be alienated from them. They are: Liberty, Life, and the search of Happiness. Human existence is defined by the right the right of property, pursue of happiness, and right to life. 

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Jefferson stressed on how every basic right made a person what he or she is. These are the rights that make all human beings to be human. He stressed as right to life as the core. This implies that each human being has the right to exist. According to this democray, freedom and liberty only can exist if they are both free. This coexistence is the mother of happiness. Jefferson pointed out that there must be harmony between the right of Property, life and the pursuit of happiness. This is because property gives the human beings means to survival and an opportunity to pursue happiness (Wills).

Jefferson also defined the roles of the government and its purposes. The government must be instituted among the people. It must also be able to secure the fundamental human rights of the citizens. This means that if the government bleaches the peoples’ rights, then the citizens has the power to terminate it and create another one. A government is termed as good only if it doesn’t create a conflict between the rulers and the citizens. It should tighten the relationship between human beings. The government ultimate power should always be with the people but not in the hands of the ruler. In this declaration the term government should mean ‘the people’ and people are to mean ‘the government’. This means that when a government does not deliver, the people have the power to change or choose another one. Therefore, the core importance of the government is protection of the people (Frankklin).

According to Jefferson, small government work well for the people compared to a large and strong governance system since a strong government is likely to abuse peoples’ rights that it was to protect while a weak government would give the power back to the people and hence will protect their rights. A good government that is democratic is always based upon trust and understanding between among the people. Jefferson also advocated for a weak central government that will separate the state from the church. This is significant because it would declare no official state religion and therefore would not divide its people.

In the declaration of independence, Jefferson indicates that a good government is the one that is willing to protect the fundamental rights of its people, give the power to the people, deliver it promises to the people, and a government that can be changed or removed by the people. The fundamental rights that must be upheld are:  Life, Liberty, the search of happiness, and property rights. The declaration of independence as per Jefferson should therefore create government in which the citizens have the power: “they are the government, and the government is them”.


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