Free Custom «Democracy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Democracy» Essay Paper

Around the world, citizens participate in elections in order to hold their governments answerable. Governments, on the other hand, recognize democratic elections as a vital component to establishing their genuine consent. However, a single democratic election cannot change the political culture of a community. Continuing efforts are necessary to come up with a comprehensive democratic community that embraces human rights, and laws, administers justice fairly, and encourages active citizen participation in government.

Accurately a democracy government can be defined as a form of government in which the people decide policy matters directly. The public can do this through town hall meetings or by voting on ballot initiatives and referendums. A republic, on the other hand, is a system in which the people choose representatives who, in turn make policy decisions on their behalf.

The main characteristics of democracy include the following; Power and community accountability exercised through citizens and elected officials. The public avoids having a central government that is over powered. On the other hand, they support the general idea of majority rule. The democracy focuses on a key principle that is human rights, parity, speech freedom and religion. The other characteristic of a democracy is that they practice free and fair elections. Citizens of these nations have a political duty to participate with those that are elected by their majority.

The American political system is clearly underlined in basic documents. These documents are the declaration of independence that was drafted in 1776 and the American constitution of 1789. The political system of the United States of America, is therefore, based on the foundation of these two documents. The declaration of independence stipulates that the United States is an independent political entity. On the other hand, the constitution gives the administrative basis structure of the government. For presidential elections, on the other hand, the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the time for choosing presidential electors, but leaves the way in which electors are selected up to individual state legislatures.

The American constitution is one of the most difficult and demanding instrument to alter. In many ways, the American constitution is one of the most beneficial for human rights. It allows people to live as they choose without the fear that the government will stifle personal growth.

In any nations, in the current world, the rich have the greater and the most necessary influence to any country’s development. This influence could either be the distribution of resources or economic influence or even political, this is because the money comes along with power. Take an example, of a rich person and a poor common citizen, both want to be elected to the same position, the rich man will command a large following. This is because the rich has influence in the community than the common citizen. The other issue is the funds to fund the campaigns the rich will always stand out.

The case between the poor and the rich posses a significant threat to democracy in the United States of America as the system only allows the rich to control many things thus having lots of influence to the community. Through this, rich will command or dictate the community’s decision on vital and crucial issues that only requires their voting. This problem can only be changed by the public itself if indeed it wants to reap the fruits of democracy all the days. The public is provided with a constitution that gives them all rights to vote and elect any one despite his social class or economic level. The government, on the other hand, should make sure that the constitution is implemented to the letter and all citizens are granted equal opportunities.


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