Free Custom «Declaration of the Rights of Man-1789» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Declaration of the Rights of Man-1789» Essay Paper

Life in the society has been faced by different challenges throughout the history of mankind. In most instances, there are a lot of cases that have been reported on the inability of human beings to coexist together as rational human beings in the society. Instead, man has always sought to dominate the other, not in a leadership way but in an oppressive way. This has necessitated different generations throughout the history of mankind to come up with rules and regulations that are meant to act as a guiding block for people in the society. Among these is the Declaration of the Rights of Man-1789 that was formulated and adopted by the French National Assembly to protect the rights and civil liberties of man.

In this regard therefore, the document ‘The Declaration of the Rights of Man-1789’ focuses on explaining to the common citizen the various types of rights that one has especially in regard to property ownership and societal coexistence. This document also explains the ways in which one can violate the rights and liberties of another person in the society and the punishment that is due to each violation (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008).

Generally, the document focuses on the idea or rather theme of freedom throughout its clauses, i.e. from clause 1 to clause 17. The freedom that is talked about herein varies in importance yet it cannot be ignored if the society is to be able to achieve a lasting harmony within its structures. The authors of this document defines various forms of freedom that man should not be deprived of and goes ahead to lay foundation on the issues that needs to be considered or rather put into action to guarantee that the intended freedom is achieved in the society. For instance, it is the obligation of every citizen to contribute towards catering for the forces that are responsible for maintaining law and order (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008).

In line with this, it can be argued that this document was formulated as a result of the rising need to bring sanity in the society in regard to various issues that concerned the society and freedom of individuals. Therefore, the French people, through their National Assembly saw it important to come up with a document that would summarize laws and regulations to be used in their society as a way of preventing further government corruption and calamities in the society that deprived people of their freedom. In reference to Lillian Goldman Law Library (2008), negligence, ignorance and contempt towards human rights had proved to be more destructive to human lives rather than building the society especially in regard to human rights.

There are various social skills that were employed in drafting this document. First, the document used a lot of skill explanation in its work. The authors of this document first began by explaining the reason why there was a need to come up with such a document. They then examined the past and realized that life had been unbearable since there were no clear guidelines in the society to regulate people in regard to respecting one another’s rights. Therefore, for people to have a future whereby their rights were respected, it was important for them to come up with this document. It can also be noted that the document touches on various issues that were exemplified in their society, i.e. Political, Intellectual, Economic and Social.

There are specific clauses in this document that are directed at political institutions and how they should be guided. It is important for one to understand that these institutions, because of being marred by corruption deals had in the past taken away the joy that citizens have in the society. As a result, clause 2 of this document captures the fact that political institutions are set up for the purposes of enhancing human rights (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008). The definition of freedom and liberty in this document consists of the intellectual ability of the authors to clearly define various aspects of the issue in question. Therefore, clause 4 consists of a clear definition of liberty, a factor that helps the reader to understand what is required of him by the law. The economic impact as a result of implementing the laws and regulations that had been defined in the declaration document was also stated. In line with this, it is important to understand that it is clearly stated that members of the public would contribute towards supporting the forces in order for these forces to maintain law and order. The issue of accountability also is well tackled with public office holders required to be accountable to the citizens (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008).

There are various lessons that one can learn from the French society during the period of enactment of these laws and clauses. First, the document is very important in relaying a message to the society that man cannot live without rules and regulations. The French culture during this period understood that their ignorance of human rights had brought serious effects on its people in regard to their human right. Consequently, the modern society, despite the technological and societal advancements cannot in any way lives without rules and regulations on human rights. As an individual, the understanding of the laws and regulations that were formulated in the past reveals that human rights struggle in the society has been an issue that has raised concerns in the society for a long period and without appropriate measures, the violation of human rights can easily get out of hand (Lillian Goldman Law Library, 2008). From this document too, one can learn that it is the responsibility of the society as a whole to workout on different ways through which the rights of human beings can be preserved.



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