Free Custom «Candidates and Media» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Candidates and Media» Essay Paper

Part I: Ways in Which Candidate Can Use Media In Order To Express Their Messages

            Political candidates use various media to express messages to diverse target group of voters. In this understanding, the paper highlights how communication media, specifically air, ground and web based forms are utilised in campaigns; the three forms will be discussed concurrently below. 

            Air communication media such as television and radio is used to relay messages to far-flung areas where other media or politicians’ agents are not readily available. Air media such as radio makes it possible to communicate to people as they go along with their daily undertakings.

            Ground communication, which involves and communicating with people in specific localities; it is mostly used in vote-rich areas. A good example is the campaign buses and caravans that politicians use to move around while passing their messages to people. Another example are the town-hall meetings that politicians arrange in specific localities and thus answer potential voters questions and convince people to vote for the respective candidate.

            The third form of web-based media is increasingly becoming central to political campaigns. The media is further proving to be the only place that vote-young middle-aged people and the youth could be reached and convinced to vote for respective candidates (source). This web-based media is also good when communicating with the internationally with voters and the entire world due to its efficiency in reaching out.

Part II: The Role of Partisan Views with these Media Systems

            Partisan political views have a great impact on the above systems mainly because followers of particular political party tend to follow the media outlet that agrees with respective views. This especially happens with air and ground communication systems because voters tend to listen on specific channels and some cannot even tolerate to listen to channels of a different party despite non-partisan nature of messages being relayed. Web based media however diminishes the impact of partisan views because readers easily get enticed to compare the messages communicated all over the web and thus gravitate towards the centre.



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