Free Custom «The Vision From the Future » Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Vision From the Future » Essay Paper

Today I received my Diploma of Bachelor of Arts in International Business from Berkeley College. And already tomorrow I will start to work for the international trade company, in which I made an internship during my college time. I am completely satisfied with what I did, because now my dream is fulfilled. I came from a long way off... I obtained an engineering degree from Moscow University of Steels and Alloys in Russia. It brought to my personality along with a technical knowledge also very important qualities of self-motivation, adaptability, diligence.

Using these skills and qualities after, during four years in Berkeley College, I worked hard to maintain a high GPA score. It wasn't easy, but I did my best, because unlike other students I had one more obstacle to overcome -- the language barrier. Not only my English level became perfect at the end of my studying, but I learnt one more language as well.

Berkeley College was such an amazing, unique experience and I feel like I fully appreciated that and I tried to take advantage of everything that was available to me there, in terms of social as well as cultural life. I am grateful to Berkeley College for giving me an opportunity to met other students, some of whom became my friends. Finally, I was studying in the United States and this experience is priceless. Firstly, because it is the best place for studying business. Secondly, I lived in the "Financial capital of the World" in the city which never sleeps -- New York. This city attracting people from all over the world and each of them carrying traits of different cultures, that helped me to share their multicultural mentality. I also realized that in the future the model of New York will be demonstrative for whole world and borders between countries will be abolished and I personally will work towards it.

Today, looking back, I am proud of myself, of what I accomplished and in the same time thankful to the Berkeley College which some time ago gave me the chance to receive the scholarship. I hope that in the future I would significantly contribute to my field of International Business with my nontraditional background in engineering, and all that knowledge that I obtained in Berkeley College.


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