Free Custom «The Jungle» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Jungle» Essay Paper

Thesis Statement:

People of working class always have to face the poverty, hopelessness, unbearable sufferings, and corruption from capitalists in a capitalistic system.

The novel The Jungle is written by an author and socialist journalist Upton Sinclair. After five rejections, it was first published in 1906 by Doubleday, Page & Company. In this novel, the author is mainly concerned about the corruption of the American meatpacking industry during the early 20th century. In this novel, the author has very remarkably presented the pathetic conditions of the working class. As this novel was quite relevant with the present issues of the society, due to this fact it became an immediate bestseller and has been in print ever since.

The novel opens with the dramatic description of Lithuanian wedding feast where musicians were playing music and guests were dancing. In additions to them the food and drinks were free to eat and drink. The opening of the novel depicts that the Rudkus family spent a lot on its wedding ceremony. Although the family was quite happy with their spending but the actually story begins when the Rudkus family moved in the Back of the Yards neighborhood of Chicago at the end of the 19th century.

They arrived there only for fulfilling their dreams so that they could live a decent life but they were unaware of the future happenings. For this purpose, Jurgis who was the husband of Ona brought his father, fianc?, her stepmother Teta Elzbieta, Teta Elzbieta's brother Jonas and her six children, and Ona's cousin Marija Berczynskas along him. In the beginning, they have to make compromises and concessions to survive (Sinclair, 2004). They made a series of decisions regarding to their living which all went wrong one by one. As a result they have to suffer a lot. They struggled much against the brutal and unforgiving reality but all in vain. Everyone in the family started losing hope. Becoming a victim of such unpreventable circumstances forced Jurgis to go back to Chicago where he found a job outside the meat packing industry. But at that stage he was again the one who has to face the injustice, injuries, discrimination and unsympathetic behaviors from those who were in power.

The author in this novel has strongly criticized the capitalistic system where the people in power victimized the working class very badly and regularly. The behaviors of the owners of the big businesses and factories always create a huge and unbearable discrimination among the working class. Working class is the one who have to work day and night but in return they are provided with the great injuries. The treatment of the capitalists towards the working class proves that weak is always a prey of the man who is in power. They people of working class are forced to do those things which they are not willing to do. Not only this, a large extent of exploitation takes place inside the meat packing factories. It is evident from the sufferings of the Jurgis?s family who became the victim of exploitation. Not only the man but also the children and women were exploited in the meat packing factory. Firstly, the Jurgis family thought that Jurgis will be enough to support them as he arrived in America dreaming of wealth, freedom and opportunities but it could not happened because the factory owners every times put him under the penalty of fine and imprisonment. As a result, the whole family had to work to earn a living. This happened because of the wage slavery system of the society.

In this Novel, the author has also thrown light on the biggest issue of the typical American factory where the food safety cares are not taken. This is just because of the people who are in power. They do not provide those safety measures to the working class as a result the public has no other way instead of eating the tubercular beef. The cleanliness is not considered important in those factories which show that public is provided with the infested meats.

The whole novel depicts that the people of the working class are the biggest sufferers of the poverty and hopelessness due to which they live in poor and bad circumstances in which the life is really hectic. They are indulged in the unpreventable situations by the people who have the power. This shows the negativity of the capitalistic system in which working class becomes the prey of the upper class.

According to him the capitalists are the most corrupted class of the society because the harm the hard working people of the society who work for the society. They grasped the basic rights of the poor and needy people. The author wanted to suggest the people of working class by his novel that they must learn to fight for themselves. They must become strong enough that no one can victimize them so badly and with unbearable conditions of the life. The author actually wanted to create the sense of equality among the people of the society. He by his writings showed his critique of laissez faire capitalism where the man is power is dominated at every place and stage. By this novel, the author suggests that the American government must take this issue as a serious problem and get rid of that wage slavery system. Not only this, he is in the view that many progressive changes are needed for the working class so that they should also be given a right to live a happy and peaceful life. They must be provided with equal opportunities and rights to that they can also fulfill their dreams of living a decent life with their families.



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