Free Custom «Political Philosophy» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Political Philosophy» Essay Paper

John Locke was such a brilliant philosopher from Britain who studied in Oxford University and later on became a medical researcher. Born in wrington, he came from a family of modest mode. His association with Anthony Ashley later on became a great boost to his career as he learned on how to collect information about trade and colonies. This later on contributed much towards his becoming a successful government official in the year 1988.Some of his challenges during this time included opposition from the government authorities as well as people of individual level(Richard,1999).

One great teaching from this philosopher is that, he very much wants people to first understand how some issues in the government come up rather than just believing blindly. This is such a good teaching as we find that in most cases most of government officials nowadays mislead their citizens.

On his article on human understanding, he brings out the limits of human understanding and very much talks of different ideas that human beings have tried to put in place, bringing in the distinction between what we can do and what we cant in respect to God.

It can thus be said that when he talked of people having rights such as the right to life and property, what he had in mind was a just government, where by, all the citizens are happy with their leaders due to honest and fairness.

This can be well supported by his central concepts of political philosophy such as property and state of nature. Something that made him becomes such a hero all over Europe. It should be a great lesson to most of government officials who in most cases never bother to factor in the needs of common citizens they are leading.

According to me, Hobbies concept on the law of nature appears to be a bit more close to the truth when I compare it to Locke’s. Though it is somehow criticized, I give him credit on this concept when I come to realize that the society we are living in has all over turned out to be a society of haves and have not. It is very true when he says that these laws only exist in political society. In many countries you find that the laws are only there to favor those people who have financial as well as political influence at the expense of the common local citizen. (Hobbes,1981).

In his article on the life of a man, Hobbes clearly points out that, the most cause of conflict in state of nature is competition and glory. This is very true since you find that most people first fight to gain, then they considers their safety secondly and reputation comes after. When we consider the political value of United states of America, it will be Ok to say that Locke’s has very much contributed towards Americas politics as we saw in the year 2009 when president Barrack Obama became president. Most of his Agendas were to bring truth, justice and unity to the people of America and the whole world. The fact that he always advocates for transparency leaves us with no doubt that it is a lesson many should learn from the philosopher Locke’s.

Mimicry can be defined as a way in which one species is similar to the other. It can be in terms of appearance, location or even behaviors. It normally occurs when a certain group develops to have certain perceived characteristics with another group. Bathes and Bhabha both display the powers of which deception can be achieved in governance. The colonial government posed as an advertisement to its colonies.

They were attracted by its linguistic meaning, being perceived as carriers of civilization, liberty and social beings. They later gave their denotation meaning which did not have bad effect but just as administrators. Their connotation meaning as capitalist, meant to steal treasuries such as minerals and land was realized later. Even though some as argues, Bathes had misinterpreted meaning from their good characters, it was hard to tell who was good and bad. The camouflaged entry as argues Bhabha deceived the colonies only for them to show their true identity later (Bhabha, 1984).

Bathes uses an example of wrestling to illustrate mimicry. He compares it to boxing whereby he says that, though this is a sport, there at times exist a false wrestling whereby people go at certain extremes of settling down personal differences. According to Bhabha, mimicry shows some separate entity that is different from what might be real. He compares this to the camouflage mode practiced by the human beings. The effect of mimicry from the colonies was more disturbing as we copied almost everything. Mimicry according to him says that, it led to people betray their cultures as they all wanted to imitate the colonial culture. For example you find that most of people in the world of today want to live their lives as their colonies live (Barthes, 1915).

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The concepts of denotation, connotation, and the linguistic meaning of an image apply directly to our political systems in the world. Semantically, it is supposed to represent the frankness of an image to a reader. To the advertisement in which a grocery bag lies with its contents of delicious fresh vegetables and pasta incites a viewer to buy the product. The linguistic message shows the brand name written on it. Denotation shows the origin of the brand which is Italy. The connotation shows the Italicized engravings to give it more attraction that bear eyes. In giving this a political significance, the linguistic meaning will always define give the name of political governance system exercised by a government, Is democratic system or which system is it. The denotation shows the leaders behind that system of government. Do they practice that Democratic system of government? The connotation gives the deceived governance system.

Does that democracy apply fully or is it simply in the name given?

Many countries in the world have democratic governance system. Any foreign person is attracted to their nice governance system. The leaders a denotation representation is also shown as perfect and appealing to the eyes. However, the connotation decoration of their image does not really reveal the taste they are holding. Bathes feels that an advertisement is supposed to represent frankness and clarity. Unfortunately this as always a shear ideology never achieved in the product in use. Sometimes products give different tastes from the advertisement shown. Most governments are the product, Bathes discuss in his analogy. (Richard,1999).

Imagery shown by Bathes represents some complex analysis applied in critical study of some political systems. Most political systems imitate to achieve their mission that is only realized later .Rowland Bathes Rhetoric of image gives a rather great account of the quality supposed to be obtained in any form of government. Political system is like an advertisement. It is supposed to show clarity and clear representation of its governance to the citizens. The linguistic interpretation is supposed to be given in its name, encoded and decoded messages are also supposed to be understood by the citizens.

From my own point of view I can say that, Locke’s should be given credit due to his efforts to fight for transparency in the government as many government officials fail when it comes to this(hobbes,1981). Hobbes on the other hand deserves due respect due to his stand about the law of nature. It is very true that laws only exist to the political society. It is the high time our leaders should feel and consider truth and justice especially in setting laws on ownership of property.



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