Free Custom «Philosophy of Education » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Philosophy of Education » Essay Paper

Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has the following intelligences; Linguistic intelligence, spatial intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence is about getting to master many languages and being good with words to express one. Spatial intelligence enables individuals to control and create pictures or images in the mind with the intention of solving problematic situations. Garners says that children who have impaired eyesight also have spatial intelligence. Logical-mathematical intelligence is about how one makes a connection with the numbers and also logic. It involves inductive reasoning and the thinking behind this intelligence is based on mathematics and science. Musical intelligence is about how an individual makes a connection to music (Gardner, 1983).

Interpersonal intelligence is about the ability to socialize with individuals, this way people can be able to understand other people’s feelings and even be able to learn the intentions that other people have regarding various things. Intrapersonal intelligence is about reflecting on oneself by being able to define our feelings. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is about the physical experience of the body. It shows that there is a co-ordination between the mind and the movements of the body. The above intelligences work together when used in collaboration with one another. These intelligences are based on cultural and biological foundations. In the classroom context the teacher needs to know how to integrate the intelligences because they are of importance.

I would choose the linguistic intelligence because it is used to measure or base how the student will be successful in developing their skills. Academic performance is based on the language in which the exams are set and hence a high understanding of the language is commanded. Linguistic intelligence minds the language that people speak and write. Languages studied are used to achieve goals that people set in life. With linguistic intelligence individuals are in a position to express their ideas using poems and even through sarcasm to pass a message to the society. Studying languages enhances the capacity to remember information vividly and apply it adequately. Some of the persons who are known to have a high intelligence as far as languages are concerned are lawyers, writers and poets among others (Baker and Kolb, 2005).

Some of the models involved in the multiple intelligence theory are multimodal, arts-based, intelligence based and developmentally-based model among others .The developmentally-based model is best for developing the linguistic intelligence. I would have chosen this model because it helps the student to have knowledge of the languages in depth and also because it gives students the choice of selecting the language that they are interested in. The instructions for using this model are suitable for the students.


Thesis paragraph

My personal philosophy of education is all about learning. It is the way I feel as a student. School is a way of life that each one of us has to be part of come what may. I used to find the classes so boring and a complete waste of time. My teachers were not very interesting and that is why I found school to be boring. Teaching is a profession that should be respected because teachers mould us into better persons in life. I sometimes wished that teachers would allow us to suggest methods that we found best for us. The paper will talk about the role of the teacher and student in learning.

My decision to become a teacher stemmed from the need to correct where I saw my teachers go wrong in terms of methods of teaching. Teachers are supposed to make classes interesting so that students can gain an interest. Teachers are expected to be in a position of being emulated and I would like to be a role model to my students. This way I would be in a good position to pass enthusiasm to my students so that they can have an environment that is conducive. I intend to become a better teacher by attending trainings so that I can gain experience about teaching. I would like to have a positive impact on my students.

Students spend a lot of time at school with peers and hence teachers have the responsibility to know the students well and know their capabilities too. Education should not be based on passing exams. Education is about facts in life that students need to know so that they can adapt easily in the society. Education has the purpose of educating students so that they can be able to have opportunities in life that will allow them to be successful. Some of the factors of education include being able to follow laid down rules, being punctual and being able to socialize so that people can accommodate each other. The most important factor is responsibility. Being responsible helps to shape other values that can be acquired irrespective of the different backgrounds that people come from. Education is a right and it should be exercised. Success is defined to be the life after school.

Schools are in existent for the reason of transforming students and to show progress that they are making with their life. Schools create an understanding of the universe because in school the things taught are uniform for everyone. For example, some of the rules taught on subjects do not change they are the same for everyone. Schools help students to explore the world. Some people think that being in school is a waste of time because they say that some of the things that they learn will never be applicable in their lives after school. It seems to be waste a time when one is in school but not after school. I used to think the same too until I started applying some of the things that I thought were a waste of time. Besides parents do not have time to teach their children some things since they have studied and specialized in something else. That is where the teacher comes in.

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I would like to base my teaching on realism so that my students can have taste of life as it is and how they think it is. Living in reality is the basis of self discovery. Realism is inclusive of all life aspects which involve science, mathematics, and ethics among other aspects. Realism is about acknowledging the existence of facts about life. John Locke who was a philosopher from Britain advocated for liberalism. He wanted individual to always search for the truth. This is because some of the opinions that people have on issues are not the true. Liberalism is about gaining freedom and equality in the various societies that we live. When one is living on facts he or she knows her rights well. One being able to know his or her right gives room for one exercise his or her freedom.  I would like to use liberalism to show my students that they have the power to become anything that they want to. I would present facts for them and let them think about the direction that they want to choose after advising them accordingly. Liberalism makes student to become innovative and creative.

Being able to know facts moulds the intelligence of students and gives them motivation to want to know more about life. I realized that liberalism helps student to mould their careers. I would use liberalism because it gives them the insight that all people are the same and hence achieving what they want to become is not a hard task. I would teach them to respect their fellow classmates, teachers, their parents and the society in general. I find this combination okay with me and would recommend other teachers to apply the same. However knowing that, the methods of teaching are not the same, teachers are at freedom to teach using their own methods that they find suitable. Liberalism is very powerful and it makes students to become confident with them. 

The role of teachers is to enable students to gain learning skills which are reading, writing, speaking and listening. The teacher is responsible for helping students to develop their culture. The teacher should be in a position to give motivation to the students towards better performance in the studies. Students can be very brilliant, but fail to perform due to lack of motivation. The teacher also needs to show love and affection to the students so that there can be an understanding between the two. This way, students learn to gain trust on their teachers and can hence be able to open up and share problems with the teacher.

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A Prospective teacher should be able to participate in activities that are organized in the societies in a way that is positive so that the students can emulate him or her, prospective teachers should be prepared for impropriate behaviors of the students. The teacher should be prepared by being respectful and become a role model; he or she should be in a position to care for the students in the right way. Students do not enjoy lessons of teachers who show them totalitarian behavior (Smith, 2002).

An ideal curriculum is one that allows students to put into application the knowledge that they are taught, to provide solutions to problems. The ideal curriculum should also provide a surrounding that is convenient for students to learn together. It should also allow students to socialize with their peers and even teachers so that they can learn the interests of other people. At last it should be capable of allowing students to criticize issues they see that need to be addressed.

Students should be taught about the various religions that exist in the world. This is because some of the characters and values are acquired from religion. For example, the Christian community is the largest in the world. However children follow the religion that parents are following and can only change that when they grow up if they want to. Religion sometimes boils down to ethics even though no one has ever defined what ethics is. Marxism stated that ethics were used by the classes that were ruling in order to oppress the class of the people who were working. However every religion has its own ethics and that is what defines the characters of the people. Students should also be taught professionalism so that they can approach life with caution.

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I would include character education during the English lessons during the literature classes, when analyzing characters.  There I would get a chance to tell them the consequences of some characters, that people acquire I would also teach them the impact of some behaviors that people have in the society. In every literature that people read there are ethical issues that emerge. I would also hold discussions in class about characters exhibited by people or actors in the contexts. This way I would ensure that they will participate in class and speak their mind out. Most of all I would teach my students the various cultures that exist in our society. Cultures are very important because they ensure that students fit well in the society and also define the characters of the students.

I would choose the strategy of interactive strategy. This strategy involves having debates, having numerous discussions, brainstorming on questions and learning using groups. Learning using groups promotes teamwork. I would ensure that students are paired in different groups for every assignment that I give in class. Groups would enable my students to share information and take lead in role playing. Debates help in class, by enabling my students to interact deeply with the curriculum that is in place. Debates also help apply facts and the implications of some issues happening in the society. Groups help students to take risks especially when they are given role of group leaders. Being able to take risks makes them better decision makers.

A teacher knows that his or her students have learned by assessing them by using Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT). They give a feedback to the teacher that is brief about the progress that the students have made. The Classroom Assessment Technique helps to create a rapport between the students and the teacher. They give the impression to the students that their teacher cares about how much they progress in their learning. If they score very well then it shows that the learning is okay and that the teaching methods the teacher is using are okay. However if they do not perform well the teacher knows that the teaching techniques that he or she is using are not effective.

The process of learning cannot be complete without the students. Hence it is important for the students to participate in class in the context of answering questions in class when the teacher asks. Students should also do homework given in order to make the learning process easy. Students should learn to explore the world by doing further reading. This way they are able to practice their skills of learning. Students should be able to learn some of the things on their own because the teacher only teaches the basics to education that will enable the students to teach themselves   by being able to integrate what the teachers have taught them. I hope to teach the students the English language so that they can be able to understand the content that they are taught in other subjects. English helps students to analyze books and assignments that are given to them in other subjects. It helps them to be creative because it is a language and hence students are required to first interpret information by a language (Fielstein and Phelps, 2000).


Most of the students have confirmed that they do not like going to school and hence most of them possess intrinsic motivation. Most students perform well in order to get rewards of better grades   in their results. However, even if they are intrinsically motivated, this is not an indication that they will not get internal motivation to learn. The reward of good grades motivates them to do better in tasks that are to be given in future because they know that they can perform better than they thought. I like to motivate my students and turn boring topics into interesting ones by teaching with the sense of humor attached to the subject. Students are very gifted and it is the role of the teacher to help them realize their gifts.

Race and genders are the two risk factors. If there was a student who was of a different race from the rest and especially girl, I would ensure that I show concern to her so that she can gain trust in me and be able to share some of the problems that she is facing. Since I would like teach my students about realism and equality I would intervene by   teaching them to treat each other fairly and tell to understand that people come from different backgrounds. I would make sure that any students who happened to treat her unfairly made an apology to her. I would make her a group leader so that she can bond with the other students.

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Being a teacher is a wonderful experience. I feel pleasured when I meet with my teachers because I am proud of what they made me become. My personal philosophy changes every moment am taking my course in education, it is an interesting journey I must admit. This is because as a teacher i am supposed to be updated with the current occurrence in the universe of technology so that I can be good at teaching my students in the classroom. This way I can create a connection of the students to education. Teaching becomes complicated as they continue to learn because they cannot seem to make an interest out of education. I would choose to have positive expectation from my students and to show them that I believe in them that they can be successful.

The teacher sets the pace for the students and hence they learn as much as the teacher expects. That is why are encouraged to take their work seriously so that they can shape the future of a country. Research carried out show those countries that have a low rate of educated person’s remains backward. Technology has become a very big part of learning. It has to be used in the right manner to bring out good results. Also students enjoy using online activities such as keyboard chatting to exercise their skills.


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This way online activities help them to do further research on their courses and homework given to them would encourage my students to explore the world using the internet because it has so much work that is educative. This is because nowadays many people are opting to learn online. This is especially for those who want to further their education. However I encourage face to face teaching because it is more interactive and students get to learn so much and the understanding of the content is very high.

A good education is the best gift that children can acquire from their parents and the state and they need a good teacher for this. All in all education is broad and has to be integrated effectively with the daily occurrences.



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