Free Custom «Nonconformist in Emerson?s Program» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Nonconformist in Emerson?s Program» Essay Paper

The beginning of non-conformity can be traced back to the Welsh Methodist Revival in the middle of the 19th century. Historically speaking, the movements of non-conformists were restricted in England, and they could not avail different kinds of both public and social benefits like Government sponsored education. However, it should be noted that under such circumstances this paper evaluates the approach by Emerson on non-conformity norms and this is the fundamental focal point of the following discussion.

The World is always at a conspiracy to make a person conform to its norms. One will have to think like the others and do what the others will believe to be good. It is nothing but say yes to their ideas. When someone conform the ideals, a common notion is that a person has lost his soul. That is what is done with the common creative flows along with conformity. Conformity is damaging in some senses. It is probably the most pure expression of a person’s own self and that is why, sometimes scatters on the face of a person. But if one overlooks it, he will be in drowned in feebleness and mediocrity. The best thing about it is that it enables a person to do his affairs with an honesty that might not be seen anywhere, and by applying it one can find out his true greatness.

The basic success of non-conformity relies on the person and how he is being able to trust his senses. One has to grow continuously and create new selves of him. Biblically speaking, the soul of a person, the basic force of the independent character is completely surrounded by angels. They are not from the Heaven, but the great persons who had challenged the common ideas and stood up to be counted as someone different more than any person who believed in the social system and moved with the flow. One can see many great works, and in the words of Emerson, it is important to praise all the great things. According his ideas, the fate of the mankind is quite similar to the king who had forgotten his place in the World, and assumed he was a beggar. It is important to wake up and find out the true self by the hidden genius of a person.

The most important aspect of non-conformity is the proper use of all the unique gifts. Only doing that, one can get back the honor that he awaits. There is an amazing similarity between all the great souls in the history, no matter when and where they lived. All people were honest and tried to fully utilize their hidden potentials.

Here in this point of time, we have to agree to the fact that every original action has a certain and undeniable magnetism associated with it. The centre of that action is something that is really trustworthy and can be of some genius, either of strength or self discipline or any other thing. Looking at it more closely, we will find out that this is a person who is in the centre of all these kinds of things, and that is because he had been a non-conformist in some ways of life and hence was being able to achieve that altogether. This primary source of action can be termed as the highest form of inspiration known to any person.

For the others, it is only about recognition; they were not a part when the thing was being created. These people can acknowledge the creation by praising it or declining it, but their participation is nothing but the opening of a perception to something that has been existed for some times earlier. All the heavy words, like decisions, conclusion or opinions, all are nothing, but some deliberate acts created by a group of human beings. These can be controlled by the human mind, but the final act is perception and that is uncontrollable. Non-conformity, thus, relies on the sense of perception. One can share perceptions with any other person, but what is perceived cannot be shared by anyone. It is always stored in the mind of a single person or, in other words, we can say it as the only direct learning that a person can have in his lifetime.

There are so many things that scare the human being, the impending future, death, diseases, all the ill beings etc. So every person is waiting for someone who will stand up and will make things right so that other persons can follow the suit. Here we are not talking about the person who will stand up, whatever happens, that person will come from somewhere. But it is important to empower all the other persons who were afraid to stand up for what is right or wrong. It is important to live a life of ideals, honesty and only than aspects like circumstances and luck will not affect in the growth process of a person. Releasing the clinging on others wisdom takes a person backwards. That is not a sign of a non-conformist. It is important to find out the basic truth and cling to that, even the path is heard. Only that will cause a revelation. Such kind of person will be known as a true non-conformist.



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