Free Custom «Lives of Philosophers» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Lives of Philosophers» Essay Paper

Philosophy of life according to Sigmund Freud is the study that involves the informal sense of a human being aimed at resolving the persistent questions of the human condition. Human beings tend to struggle between the existent conditions and the possible expectations in life. The philosophy of life dwells on theories that are either existent ought to exist. The religious existentialism explains that two theories of reality and existence is the basis of being and existent. According Fredrick Nietzsche with his atheistic existentialism every person constructs his or her unique temporary essence.

Religion gives the source and origin of the universe and the earth and it gives humankind protection as it assures them of final happiness. The religion guides the life of the believers by means of perceptions that are reinforced the force of the authority behind the strong belief. Religion is in contrast with science as scientific methods offers fear for death and any misfortune but religion brushes away the fears of any man in life of dangers and any vicissitudes. Science is a great aid to human beings though it leaves the human beings to great suffering since it is the human being to make judgments of the inevitable. Freud discusses the meaning of life based on the fulfilling actions that one achieves or is planning to achieve. Philosophy does not influence human however only a small percentage of the human intellectual stratum influenced by philosophy. Religion on the other hand exerts the strongest power over the emotions of a human being. Religion contradicts science as it takes over the place and assumptions that science makes and gets the possible solutions.

The religious life of any person originates from the inceptions at childhood that determines the religious path taken by the child. At one time from philosophy explains of a time when the knowledge of god or gods was nonexistent. During this time of animism, history does not tell of any supernatural power that controlled the life on earth however, the belief is that there existed spirits that resembled man. The demons could not control man since man had a lot of confidence in himself than ever. During this time, man did not direct prayers to anybody e.g. rain but rather made something that resembled rain. The confidence in man was enough that, the belief to obtain anything from the surrounding involved a belief in him and any external powers could not shake him. Man believed in magic as a driving force behind his success. The belief in magic in the conventional life comes from the over-estimation of the intellectual operations of the individual. This is because of the omnipotence of thoughts, which we come across in our own obsession neurotics. Acquisition of speech by men of those times explained by philosophers came from a great facilitation of thought. Speaking according to these men was a magic.

The theory of magic reflects the power of God when he said let there be light, and light was. The power of magic proves that animistic man did not entirely rely on powers of his own wishes. Instead, the nature would imitate what man did and reciprocate for the success of the animistic man. Doing good things would mean a successful outcome and his wishes met. The type of life experienced by the animistic man from Freud’s analysis was miserable and lacked direction. The meaning of life therefore is depended on the environmental factors and the expectations that determine how one works hard. If this man wanted some rain, he poured some water on the soil and it could rain. If he wanted to stimulate soil fertility, the man offered sexual intercourse in the fields. Very many manifestations of animism are persistent up to date especially in form of superstitions. A preservation of thoughts that philosophy preserved some of the traits of animism such as over estimation of magic of words and that our thoughts lay down real processes in the external world. The imagination of what caused the change of the belief from animism must have relied on the fear of devils. The evil spirits are still existent in the religion though they appear as a relic of the previous age.

The investigations by Karl Marx into the economic structure of society and the various organizations of economy have a great influence on our departments have an inevitable authority. The changes in our social stratification in the society change depending on the different abilities economically. Freud argues that social stratification depending on economic stratification may not be true but rather depends on the initial tribes and races. The argument of Marxism is true to some extend that economic strata determines the social groupings. During the ancient kingdoms, the degree of aggressiveness of constitution and the ability to have complicated weapons decided the victor. This brings the materialistic theory to the affiliation of a horde of people during the ancient kingdoms that are still in the current governments. An example of the material dependency was during the despotism was doomed by the introduction of metals like bronze and iron that superseded the dynamite since fire arms was a symbol of a winning team. The Aristocracy ended when a new set of weapons came into use there was limited inter-marriage between the ruling tribes of Europe that could bring a new tribe known as the Tsars. The ruling tribes were cross breeding with the minor tribes that was evidence that the different social strata were interacting positively.

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Cultural practices constitute a better part of life and mostly influence all the factors of life. Culture is in the class civilization that everybody struggles to achieve by any means. The practice of civilization is in comparison to an organic process and it influences all the other factors. A living man tries to attain a life perceived by others as of a certain class acceptable in the society. This is the misconception they call civilization. In real sense, a man tries to attain pleasure from all his activities that bring maximum happiness in life. Social organizations have different cultural settings that are variant of any other race that the practitioners deem it as the best. The culture practices and life are inseparable since the origin of humankind as from history man practiced some activities related to sex and race. The derivation of pleasure and satisfaction are the sole roles of these cultures. Freud contradicts the work of Karl Marx as a cause of illusions in life in the process of solving some other illusions. Freud advocates for a society where all races can live together socializing freely and doing everything voluntarily. The theory by Marx tries t find the cause of the friction between the rich and poor, the westernized and the in westernized and the civilized and the uncivilized.

Philosophers who engage in the process of finding the meaning of life in many a times divide the meaning of life from supernaturalism. This divides the principles of life using the metaphysics; that is the property to constitute the meaning of life. Supernaturalism entails that life is meaningless and there exists a supernatural power that control the actions of man. The super naturalist thinkers divide the life into God centered and soul centered in the monotheistic tradition. The widely believed theory of God centered explains the Existence of God who makes man to behave in a certain pattern for his affiliation. The theory also explains that God has a plan for the earth and the universe as well as life after death. The philosophers differ on the purpose of God that creates the difference in the meaning of life. Some argue that the moral rules in the God’s rules are the ones that make our lives to have some sense. Some other scientists argue that the universally applicable and moral code should not be a course to the meaning of life. The essence of these theories is that God created man for a purpose and this purpose creates the meaning of life. Our lives will have no meaning unless molded by the creator like an art object. The life without destiny will have less meaning if the man cannot determine the direction followed for a successful ending. The God centered theory has some problems facing it from the underlying examples. The stereotypical lives of some ancient social scientists like Albert Einstein, Pablo Picasso, and mother Teresa seem meaningful even though there is no all-knowing supernatural being. The conclusion to this theory is that the God centered approach might be true when looked from one perspective.

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The soul-centered approach explains that the meaning of life comes from a relationship with an immortal spiritual substance that is in control of one’s body when alive and will forever outlive its death. A poor relationship to this soul results into a meaningless life. For the life to be more meaningful to the world, one must do something that is worth doing in the society to be felt the others in relation to the immortal soul. Soul is extremely necessary for perfect justice that is necessary for meaningful life. The life may seem non-sensual if the wicked flourish and the righteous suffer in this world.

The meaning of life varies from one person to the other depending on the person’s mental state. From different perspectives, life is depended on very many factors that determine the worthiness of life. From the materialistic view, the rich have better lives than the poor do. From the other side, doing something that the world recognizes and classified as of importance is the cause of self-actualization. The other group of philosophers’ claims that social stratification originates from the way people interact but in contrast, the most believed thought is of the tribes and racial stratification. Though when broken down into small groups like the tribes, the different strata exist. Life bears meaning from different angles of living depending on the person who require the actualization. Everybody struggles for better life though from research only about 30% of the world’s population is comfortable with the kind of life they exhibit. The ability of a person to move from class of people to the other is depended on the external factors that influence our lives. Some factors like history and social justifications are key determinants of the life in general. Philosophers argue that, for smooth coexistence, all classes of people are important. The rulers ruled the rich and the poor. The different views of the meaning of life focus on the cultural beliefs of different physical and geographical regions. All views are necessary for fruitful judgments of whether to follow the God centered view or the soul centered view. Philosophers leave the discretion at the individual’s peril.



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