Free Custom «Lesson 10 and 13» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Lesson 10 and 13» Essay Paper

Ethics as we learned in lesson 8 can be defined as a moral philosophy where defending recommending and systemizing concepts of both wrong and right behaviors are involved. In the current society, ethics have been divided into applied, normative and metaethics. From this lesson, I learnt that one of the important ideas is Egoism; this is best defined by the human’s selfishness. It shows that selfish interests automatically influence all that a human being does. Another idea that I learnt is the reason and emotion; this involves a disagreement about the purpose of reason to motivate moral action. When a statement is made, there should be a reason and not only an expression of emotions.

In lesson 9, we discussed about the good society. The main idea I learnt in this lesson is that a good society should be one that permits communities in the society to keep some limitations especially to new membership and still restrict ways in which those communities will use to perform the exclusivities. They ensure that they don’t use race, religion, gender, or origin as a criterion for exclusion. This idea is very important in living a better life because it ensures that members in society live together and peacefully without a feel of discrimination.

In lesson 10, the main topic is feminist and cultural perspective. Female in the society have been given less privileges, they have been looked down upon and in most cases they are discriminated. Most cultures in the world do not acknowledge women as people who can be depended on, they are seen as the weaker sex and they therefore cannot be granted leadership opportunities and a times, they are not given the opportunity to study.

God as we learnt in lesson 11 is a supreme being. He is the creator and controller of the universe. He is given several attributes like; omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, he is also a God of order as seen in the creation story, we find that he created the universe and its components in an orderly manner and in six days. Also, I learnt that different people view the powers and the existence of God from different perspectives. The atheists for example, do not believe that God exist. Christians and Muslims however, acknowledge the existence and supremacy of God. This belief is very important because it has made them to live in a way that impresses both God and fellow beings.

In lesson 12, we learnt about the meaning of life. This has been the biggest question for several people in history. The meaning of life has been mixed with both religious and philosophical concepts of happiness, consciousness, and existence. Based on Christian view, life is seen or perceived as sacred and should be valued. The main idea I learnt here is that, because life is God given, human should conserve it. This helps a lot in understanding a better life because people have learnt the importance of life and will be in a position to protect it.

In lesson 13, we learnt about the future of life, the future is another aspect that has brought a lot of questions for discussion in the current world. For the atheists who do not believe in the existence of God, they believe that life just ends in the grave. They believe that as soon as someone is dead, then that mark the end of live. For the Christians, they believe that the future of a person depends on his/her life while on earth. The born again will go to heaven when they die while sinners will go to hell. The exact time for this is not known and will be shown by several happenings as in the holy book. The idea that someone’s future depends on whether one was born again or not helps in ensuring that people live in a holy way while still alive and be ready all the time since the end of time is not known.

In conclusion, these new ideas which I have learnt about ethics, life, God feminism, good society, and the future have greatly changed my perception about life. The idea about the existence of God has given me a good reason to live a holy life, the need to make a good society where people live as a community and where peace prevails has also changed my view about reality in life.



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