Free Custom «Framework for Evaluating Leadership » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Framework for Evaluating Leadership » Essay Paper

Introduction Leadership evaluation plan rests on the self awareness and self examination in which one has a candidate takes an initiative to explore some traits, values, behaviors, beliefs and evaluate piece in comparison with the impact and sense of appropriateness on personal and professional effectiveness. This means the framework for evaluating leadership is based on personal preference and leadership vision in the situation in which one finds himself in. this also requires alighting of a specific framework which builds upon ones leadership traits and improves as well as lead to more effective leadership. If this procedure is adapted it will lead to leadership acceptance and installation of the process which induces leadership development. FRAMEWORK FOR EVALUATING LEADERSHIP One of the factors that are considered when designing framework for evaluating leadership is the intrinsic ability to understand effective team management thoroughly. A Leader should have a capacity to influence and impact those people around them. They should be aware of their strength and their weakness and therefore, effectively capitalizing on the strength.

A leader should have an effective direction which is important to capability and charismatic leadership. A leader should have the ability to assess who they are and how to manage their weaknesses for benefit of those around them. The self assessment process is indeed a process and not merely a set of exercises, this experience requires a great deal of introspection and thoughtful preparation. Self Assessment: Self Assessment is the active involvement in the evaluation and analysis of the research on leadership by the process of completing assessments, interviewing individuals and the process of keeping a leadership development journal to help identify the strengths and the weaknesses. The objective is to use the sections in the exercise to help identify factors which might create opportunities to effectively utilize the full potential of the leadership. These exercises will help lay the foundation for documenting the development process and writing an effective plan which would reflect your insight and development goals. In the book (Lester, 2007). Current Leadership trait: It is important to acknowledge and begin with the basics as one learn, practice and maintain the fundamentals.

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The analogy is made of the school where people go for years, and finally what they learn from it what really counts. The learning curve is spiral not straight .The important moment is when they get it. Similarly a lifestyle of leadership success has been categorized by leadership Quotients and it measures a leader?s strength and weakness for the purpose of improving sustainable leadership performance. There are 12 verifiable dimensions of leadership labeled as quotients measuring them separately and interactively. Influencing Skills: This is an important skill which is necessary in a good leader, as it is important that we are able to influence others. People who lack the ability to influence tend to be in the background powerless and undervalued for their potential. This also impacts their decision making when faced with viewpoints of others. Influencing is an interpersonal skill which results from evaluation of the level of interactivity and assessment. Through this assessment one will learn about some of the main ways in which people can influence others and one also has an opportunity to review one?s own influencing styles. No one can effectively control the eventual outcome of the influencing process. It is totally dependent on the person concerned to determine whether to change their views in the direction. The assessment provides a clue into the factor that increases the probability that influence will occur. Influencing is about increasing potential probabilities. People, who aim to influence, need to build on these styles and must probe, question and collect information. They need to understand the mental framework to interpret the needs of the others. One influencer understands how others think he /she can adapt the styles to greater effect. These are another set of skills which help the directors, general managers and owners of business?s to evaluate their skills to enhance their position as the leaders of the organizations or business units. These skills are also necessary for the heads of Non-Profit organizations. These skills can be evaluated under four main criteria?

s providing leadership, building positive relationship, designing high performing organizations and making effective decisions. These are the skills which deal with empowering others, to inquiring into problems and opportunities, building high performing teams, diagnosing organizational strengths and weaknesses, designing effective organizational processes, maintaining organizational flexibility, analyzing complex information, making decisive decisions, obtaining the support of opinion leaders, exploring business scenarios, developing a coherent vision and aligning the firm behind the vision. These categories and subcategories mentioned above provide for dynamic leadership within an organization with the aim to progress. These require assessing strategic options, formulating a compelling vision and aligning the organization behind the vision. (Woodcock and Francis). The audit indicates in the self assessment that the scores are remarkably high for building high performance teams, maintaining organizational flexibility and analyzing complex information. This indicates strong senor manager skills based on the scores and ranking.


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