Free Custom «Euthyphro Problem» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Euthyphro Problem» Essay Paper

Plato and Socrates and are engaged in a conversation in which they are talking of euthyphro. This is one of the facts that explain the fundamentals that guide life in particular and in general. Human behaviour is governed by a number of factors, many of which cannot be explained by a mere reasoning. They involve the ideas of exemplifying the source concepts and the divine nature that man is living in. The exact dilemma is noticed in Plato’s conversation when asked by Socrates: “is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods” Plato has a diverged understanding of the real fact that is being expressed in the dilemma. According to me, something is of value and thus is good. This led to god commanding it. The converse that it is good because it has been commanded by god may be disapproving in one way or the other.

Plato had a unique view and discussion of this problem. It has thereby become one of the critical discussion subjects for many individuals as the theists. Today theologises and philosophers are still finding a lasting solution to this problem. The main idea that should be well understood is the fact that human behaviour is governed by the end result after having the experience of the behaviour. In different societies, something good is regarded to come from god as a command. It is normally taken that god cannot take or command anything that is not pious to the lives of all the individuals in the society. It is a fact that something is regarded as good after the resultant effects of the behaviour are experienced to surface in the life of an individual. This is the main reason why Plato says that something is good not because it has been commanded by the gods. It is good and gods love it and have commanded it because of the fact that it is good and serves well in the lives of many people in the society.

Socrates has a stunning response on the dilemma. This brings more controversy in the dilemma as many people view the two facts as same in one way or the other. He says that a pious is loved by gods because it is pious and not that a pious is pious because it is loved by gods. As far as Socrates and euthyphro get t agree on one of the perspective of the understanding, it is still and will remain to be a dilemma.

First and foremost, the dilemma takes and understanding of a philosophical theism. Among the Christians, Jews and Islamic traditions, what has been commanded by god should be taken to be pious and no any other way.

People are thus urged to act according to what the gods have commanded: so they take the perspective that something is pious because it has been approved and commanded by gods.

In conclusion, there are several philosophers that have commented on the euthyphro dilemma. Moreover, theologians have also given their own views of the dilemma. Moreover, other scholars have also given their response as pertains to the problem. Some of the scholars have argued that god has no place in the determination of an act as either pious or otherwise. Others are for the fact that an act is pious only if it has been commanded by god. These sum up to the euthyphro`s dilemma.



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