Free Essay Sample «Epiphany»

Free Essay Sample «Epiphany»

Epiphany is a mental status in which a human being suddenly acquire great realization ability or able to comprehend the meaning of something. In brief, some children?s mental growth does not develop as compare to physical growth. The difference between brain and body creates the metal, emotional, and behavioral disorders for individuals. The un-realization of some thing which is actually not hard to understand is one of the serious metal disorders which is faced by both children and young men. As the psychological problems do not refers to a specific age it can engage any one at any stage of life and could be continued till death. Hence, mental disordered personality denote to a personality with less confidence which creates the non-realization phenomena.

A Character with Epiphany: A character without epiphany sense has low confident personality. The being who does not realize the things which can easily be realized have no decision making power. Therefore, an un-confident character could not easily perform his daily activities of life. His non-comprehended personality humiliates him on each activity of life. Life will became hard to live as effortlessness just because of non-realization factor. Need of those people is to have guidance which will develop a thought process in their personalities to get realize things.

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A psychologist or a perfect personality can evolutes the thought process of those people and give them confidence level to conquer the world. As a very famous quote is very fit to refer here ?they can conquer who believe they can?. So epiphany is a most important psychological element to get progress in life without a good epiphany talent the life will became sluggish. The Circumstances of Transformation to Epiphany: The transformation from an un-realistic to realistic approach is the activity processed by limbic system in the brain. The people whom do not have the ability to comprehend the things quickly and properly has problem in their brain system. This capability depends on the ability of amygdala which is fundamental element of a brain. When a human mind did not process the things properly it is impossible to get intelligence and realized reactions. So, the transformation from a troubled situation to epiphany is not easy for a patient of imperialistic perception. But it can be achieved through willpower and to develop a thought process. The thought process can give confidence and epiphany to a confidence less personality. The Changes in Personality after Epiphany: After acquiring the sense of epiphany a radical changes in personality have take place.

After realizing things properly and responding to them accordingly, the life cycle continues its journey smoothly. In other words the sense of epiphany is the sense of life and without the sense of life the body remains which singly has no meaning on this world and in the commune. So epiphany is life and life has purpose and the purpose can not be accomplished without epiphany. Conclusion: To close our essay, it should be realized that the sense of realization has elemental importance in life. Therefore, without realization sense nobody can proceed the cycle of life. An awareness program should take place to aware the people about their disordered personalities, and to make them form an ordinary to a well thought human being.


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