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Descartes Dreaming Argument

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The dream argument is the assumption that dreaming brings undisputed clue that whatever we believe as sensible to separate reality from imagination is questionable and going by this, any situation that relies on our senses should with no reasonable doubt be thoroughly scrutinized and put to test to confirm whether its true.


Descartes is seen as the first philosopher of his time who tries to reach at ideologies that one can unearth as fact leaving no doubt. Using hyperbolical doubt he shuns arguments that are doubtful and re-applies them to reach unshakable base for real knowledge. At first he arrives at one ideolog: thought survives. Thought cannot be taken away from somebody and so he survives commonly known as cogito ergo sum. He observed that if by any chance he was doubtful, something or someone definitely doubted, so the undisputed fact that he was being doubtful confirmed his survival. His conclusion is that, he is aware he survives due to his ability of thinking. He can feel his body through sensing although not reliable in the past. Descartes therefore concludes that what is true is that he is a thinking object. His being thoughtful is the only way not to be doubted. It is the partaking of everyone which he is instantly aware.


He further argues that, a link made by being aware separates knowledge from lies. Knowledge is free from destruction and a firm foundation from where all other can be stored. The thinking object is the first undisputed knowledge that he reasons for. He observes that perceptions only get him unaware and not influenced by him. There are not within his senses and this confirms existence of something not in his senses and this he calls the world. He further asserts that anything in the earth is matter by reasoning that God would not lie him as to what is evident and God has enabled him to see that such are brought about by matter.

Buy custom Descartes Dreaming Argument essay paper cheap

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