Free Custom «Aristotle and Relationship at Work» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Aristotle and Relationship at Work» Essay Paper

Changes aimed at achieving an acceptable intention in business decisions to arriving at substantial quantifiable practices can only be achieved by evaluating a process in the same manner in which any other institutional activity is carried out. It is no doubt that every employer desires to be the best in the way the employees are treated as well as in the manner they interact with one another. On the other hand, employees aspire to attain maximum satisfaction.

Such interests have started a lot of arguments from various individuals from academicians to business entities. One common figure is Aristotle. In his philosophical work, as described earlier he described what it consist to have sound public relations. The basic issues are outlined in details in the previous text. Over time, there has been many studies carried out by international organizations.

A good exaple of an organization which has dedicated its effort to studying how best should people relate at work place is Great Place to Work Institute®. In a totally different way, the institute contradicts Aristotle’s view of building good working environment through theoretical virtues. The institute vehemently believes that a foundational concept of establishing and maintaining a great workplace is by having a harmonious trust between management and the employees. Through carrying out ethics audits, the organization concentrates on how much trust exists between the employer and the employees (Harrison 3).

Another notable contrast is how good public relations are attainable. Aristotle argues that it is a duty based response from every one while the institute approaches this with absolutism. Furthermore, we cannot avoid mentioning efforts being put by other speecialist organizations. Through partnership with Great Place to Work Institute®, Fortune continually carries out a survey to explore emerging issues in customer satisfaction. This is a dynamic and rather practical way of improving the ways in individuals correlate in the work place (Fortune Magazine 3).

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It is true to argue that there is a sharp contrast as well as similarities in the manner in which Aristotle virtue crusade compared with this contemporary approach. The views of Aristotle are more rigid and dictating. For example, you cannot force an employee to be happy when he is not. Evaluations made by Fortune serves to best address the problems at hand. However, it is of paramount importance to note that both sides of this argument have one goal. They both underscore the importance of having a satisfying work place backed by smooth public relation ethics.


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