Free Custom «Why I Choose Pharmacy » Essay Paper

Free Custom «Why I Choose Pharmacy  » Essay Paper

Pharmacists are responsible for distributing drugs which they have prescribed to individuals normally in a retail context. They must ensure that these clients fully understand how these drugs are to be used and stored as well as any other side effects resultant from the use of these drugs or a set of other drugs. Therefore, a career in pharmacy provides an excellent opportunity to serve people which I am passionate about. Further, a career in pharmacy provides diverse opportunities for growth and self realization while ensuring a good and sustainable salary.

Ever since my childhood, I have always admired work done by medical specialists such as doctors and pharmacists. This jobs call for courage, hard work, determination and above all dedication. Pharmacy is a far much noble profession than any other. This has greatly weighed my decision as to developing my career in the field of pharmacy. Further, Chemistry and Biology have always been my favorite subjects. My interest in pharmacy and pharmacology has been fueled a lot by the basic knowledge that I have already acquired about the various chemical properties that have a direct link as to the biological effects regarding various medications. This has played a large part in preparing me to take a leading role in pharmacy.

Lately, major breakthroughs which have been largely influenced by technology have been made. It has served in pushing this field into the largest health profession. Not only have various branches of this noble and exciting career sprung up but also the demand for professionals has grown in leaps and bounds. This existing gap calls for well educated pharmacists who can provide various medical services satisfactorily such as consultancy in pharmacies, dispensing of drugs in hospitals and health centers, carrying out research as well as running medical laboratories among others. These diverse opportunities ensure a high level of flexibility, dynamism and a high career output. A pharmacist can easily shift into the carrier line that one is most comfortable with and hence take a role in which their output will be at its best.

Medicine in general and pharmacy in particular is a career that demands superb social and interpersonal skills which, I believe, I am well endowed with. I do not mind long working hours or even working overnight. In addition, I can communicate easily with people and offer my support effortlessly in the most extreme of cases. I have always derived pleasure in ensuring people feel positive emotions which go a long way in ensuring their speedy recovery. The feeling of being trusted, appreciated and being relied upon has always been intoxicating. I cannot find a better way to feel this in any other field other than pharmacy.

I feel am well suited in this field since I am also a good team player. Not only can I relate easily with people around me, but I have always effortlessly maintained a good relationship with my seniors. Pharmacy calls for a highly responsible and functional team member who can easily relate with other medical professionals such as physicians, surgeons, therapists and nutritionists. I believe collaborating with such individuals will be a pleasure as we work for the common good and recovery of the patient. Further, associating with such medical personnel will always avail new opportunities for me to learn new things which add up to my experience. In the filed of medicine, no two days are ever alike since new cases which are ever challenging keep on springing up. This ensures that the pharmacist must constantly keep on carrying out research which not only ensures that one is at the top of the profession but also eliminates any monotony and dissatisfaction that can be experienced in any other career. This challenge has played a key part in my decision as of pharmacy being my career of choice.

The context in which pharmacists work has also been a leading factor in choosing this career. The environments in which pharmacists work in are always clean, well-lit, noise-free and climate-controlled. A diverse range of choice of environment is available. For instance, one can choose to work in a drug store in retail prescription and disbursement of drugs, hospital and clinic pharmacies either as a corporate or government employee, mental health facilities and nursing homes. Moreover, pharmacy allows one to start one’s own chain stores or drug store and therefore become self-employed hence working at your own liberty and command. Pharmacy also allows one to work in an environment that best suits their lifestyle be it in the metropolitan, rural or small town areas.

The future for pharmacists looks bright. According to the Statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor, the increasing demand for preventive health care and the care accorded to the increasing ageing population has laid an emphasis on the importance of this career and has served to create a demand for such professionals. This trend is expected to be so up to 2016 or even beyond. The salary accorded to pharmacists is high. A survey conducted in 2006 shows that at least 50 percent of pharmacists earn between $83,000 and $108,000 per annum. These are full time positions that also provide a health insurance cover, paid-on-leave and on holiday benefits among other prestigious advantages. Part-time jobs are also available in which a professional works for various firms. Hence, pharmacy is a career that is economically satisfactory. In this field therefore, I will not have to worry about meeting my bills.

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Finally, I cannot ignore the potential presented in this career. An expert in this field is easily promoted through the ranks. In a short while, one can rise from a basic pharmacist position to a senior management position such as a company director in a corporate setting or a managerial position in a government-employed situation. The experience to supervise and manage others is easily learnt as one rises through the ranks. Therefore, this weighs heavily in my choice of pharmacy as my career since I am guaranteed that I will not stagnate in one position as is the case in most areas.


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