Free Custom «What I Learned» Essay Paper

Free Custom «What I Learned» Essay Paper

Nobody would deny the fact that a leader epitomizes both a successful boss at work and a positive person in everyday life. As a rule, career advancement heavily depends upon personal qualities of a leader and his philosophy of life. Hence, it is increasingly important to have examples of leadership to follow. After listening to the presentations of successful people, it is necessary to identify the most salient things to adopt in personal and professional life.

It is worth noting that all the leaders have contributed equally to creating the vision of a genuine leader. In order to achieve a set of goals, it is crucial to listen to the role models’ speech and link it directly to the personal purposes. Hence, Tom Sanders admitted that listening comes before talking. Jake Nichol made a similar statement. His policy can be presented by the algorithm of actions: “Learn – Borrow – Plagiarize – Modify – Make it original.” It should be emphasized that the last principle is the most important one. Unique selling point is something that each businessman needs to have. Absence of plagiarism, eventually, makes him stand apart from his key competitors.

Another presentation touched upon the main principles of becoming a leader. Such chain of notions as “Decision – Determination - Destiny&rquo; suggests that the final outcome depends upon one’s decisions. Nevertheless, determination and commitment are also required. This idea corroborates the claim of Mr. Alexander that a person should work hard and be ready for the challenges.

Randy Garn believes that there is a close connection between success in personal and professional life. Indeed, it is highly likely that a person who makes some progress at work will finally quit unless he or she has happy family life. Additionally, the concept of earning money for money will not bring any self-fulfillment and therefore makes no sense. Hence, the leaders are confident that their professional life will be prosperous as long as they care for the personal one.

It is worth mentioning that practical advice of the speakers can be applied to personal life as well. The important observation to emerge is the idea of Mr. Foulger about attitude to people. It is essential to treat people in a way you want to be treated. Thus, a person will always meet helpful and considerate people who act like real friends. Next presentation lingered upon continuous self-improvement. The logical argumentation and emotional appeal of Jake Nichol inspired the audience to improve the life constantly by developing mental and physical abilities. Being harmonious personality presupposes everyday reading, going in for sports, travellling, or any other activities that expand the horizon.

Furthermore, David Utrilla’s speech restated the following conclusion. It becomes abundantly clear that it is necessary to start with improving oneself. In such a way, a person makes a conscious choice to communicate with good people only. Besides that, people who are constantly complaining about crisis at work, problems at home, or other issues make you focus on a negative environment. Such communication promotes frustration, fatigue, depression, and makes an individual no longer close to harmonious personal life.

Nevertheless, it may be somewhat difficult to avoid meeting negative people in everyday communication. It is clearly a good idea of Allen Alexander to learn how to interact with such people. This strategy will help to resolve or prevent conflicts in a family or among friends. Ultimately, difficult people may change their behavior when they are treated well.

All in all, every leader has his formula for success and prosperity. After listening to all the speakers, the first task is to analyze and adopt their strategies in personal and professional lives. It should not necessarily mean that the exact version of their principles is to be borrowed. However, it is vital to listen first in order to achieve unique excellence in the different spheres of life.


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