Free Custom «To Whom it May Concern» Essay Paper

Free Custom «To Whom it May Concern» Essay Paper

I am very glad to be able to recommend one of the best students I have ever taught. From my experience as the instructor of his class, Mr. X has proved to be the most attentive and intelligent of all the students in his class.

Mr. X has shown that he has a very great passion for finance although he is a chemical engineering student right now. He has the greatest motivation and spur that he wants to switch from chemical engineering to financial engineering. Mr. X has also display very complex quantitative and mathematical skills that make it easy for him to make the switch. His background in both pharmaceutical science and chemical engineering will definitely help him to succeed in the financial industry. His exceptional quantitative skill cannot be questioned because he has received enormous amount of training while studying the hemical engineering program, which requires heavy advanced mathematics in the courses. His profound eagerness to learn more about the financial market reminds me of when I was at his age. Mr. X impressed me that he asked me insightful questions that get my attention.

All the works that he has done are strong evidences showing that Mr. X has built a valuable and solid foundation in finance, which will serve as the required foundation that he could build his success in financial engineering. Mr. X has really impressed me with his quick understanding of very complex finance and economics concepts and his in-depth research and analysis to the currents events. His knowledge and understanding have exceeded my expectation.

All people around him have come to appreciate the efficiency and effectiveness of his work ethic. Mr. X volunteeered to work in the USC corporate governance summit. He was not only motivated but also dedicated to all the assignment that we had given to him. His motivation and dedication has made it possible for him to accomplish work both individually and in a team setting due his willingness to work with others. Due to his help and determination, people described the event as the best in its five-year history.

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In summary, Mr. X is the description of a student who is creative, determined, hardworking, dedicated and full of endless potential. I believe he can achieve what he wants no matter what the obstacles are against him. His is a really exceptional individual both in class and outside. He knows what he wants, he set the right goals and achievements, follows them in a very exceptional manner and he achieves all the goals with absolute confidence and effectiveness.


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