Free Custom «To be Satisfied Academically and Professionally» Essay Paper

Free Custom «To be Satisfied Academically and Professionally» Essay Paper

Generally, I can conclude that I may have achieved enough, but that it is not what it means to me to be satisfied academically and professionally. Having a bachelor’s degree, I am challenged to proceed and achieve more in life as life is an endless path that is successfully followed by only those with great determination. Therefore, I am now considering taking up a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). I consider this to be a remedy to improve my administration skills in business and guarantee more marketability of my skills in any job market whatsoever. This decision has been triggered by the tremendous speed at which the world is changing. The 21st century has witnessed a lot of changes, especially in the business domain. This has encouraged a stiff competition for employment opportunities, which has favored those with experience and also the highest academic qualification. With my case, I might boast of experience, but educational attainment is still low compared to those of my possible competitors.

Holding to my strong belief of the sky being the limit, I am then forced to take up MBA at W.P. Carey MBA. My decision is based on the history, records, and achievements that it has had from the past. To begin with, W.P. Carey MBA offers the opportunity to gain more graduate-level education. Hence, this will allow me to earn two master's degrees from a program that offers dual degrees in law, accounting, architecture, and information management. Again, since the program has classes of forty five students or less, I will be able to engage in interactive case discussion with fellow classmates. This will enable me to get to know others’ experience and learn from them. These experiences will also help me to get motivation from them, since I will get to realize that in one way or the other they might have achieve more than I have done.

The program also has dedicated career management professionals, who have been known to provide the required and comprehensive career assistance to the learners. Enrolling at W.P. Carey MBA will give me an access to the great knowledge of the tutors that has been attained from experience. Due to the close monitoring from the experienced tutors, my skills will improve significantly and get sharpened, hence preparing me to effectively fit in the competitive job market. The world-class faculty also consults more than 300 organizations and, therefore, bringing real-world experience to the classroom. This makes learners explore and clearly understand the business and administration world just through learning. In addition, the course has included emotional intelligence concepts, presentation skills and required internship. This will help me acquire a bit of experience from the internship and increase my suitability for any related job opportunity.

The W. P. Carey program is also efficient for me since it has part-time and evening programs that will enable me to continue with the course study, while at the same time maintaining my current job. It would, therefore, ensure my career safety and won’t guarantee any loss in terms of employment, but would rather make me suitable for a promotion. The online MBA program offers distinguished flexibility and is very convenient for my busy career as I can study from my place of work as I have an intention to continue to work, hence will not cause any disruption in my work schedule. Hopefully, the completion of the course will guarantee me high chances of a better employment and higher pay, as statistics have shown that students from the 2010 class did earn an estimated average salary plus bonus of more than $96,500. Also, the percentage of MBA graduates getting employment within 90 days of graduation was among the highest in the country.

Basically, I would like to specialize in Strategic marketing and services leadership. By combining this with the bachelor’s degree that I already earned, I will be a masterpiece in the management sector, hence placing me in a more advantageous situation, when it comes to securing employment opportunities.

After the MBA program, I plan to secure a better job, where I will put all my acquired skills including strategic marketing into practice. This time the job should of course be of a higher pay than it was earlier. I will ensure that I effectively employ my skills to guarantee the success of the organization or company that I will work for. Fortunately, this will most likely earn me a more permanent and a life-time employment. I might also consider a different path of employment by earning myself self employment. This will be by starting my own business and running it. I will have to employ some other professionals to work with me. It will, therefore, enable me to run the business in my own style of choice, hence will encourage flexibility on how to apply the various skills that I have acquired. Perhaps, this might not be the end of my academic path as I also got a dream of pursuing a W. P Carey doctoral program in the short run. To an ordinary person, this may seem too high to achieve, but with courage and determination, I am bound to get it.


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