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?The Tonight Show?

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In this video, Bill Cosby argues that sending a child to a college or university is expensive and if not well managed can cause poverty. However, he uses humor to present this argument. It is interesting that he uses his children to argue that college is expensive (Carson). He argues that he has five children out of which he can’t understand one but the other four thinks that he does not understand them. After knowing what will cost him to pay fee for four years, Cosby signed a $4000 cheque to convince her daughter that she should not pass the exam. Her daughter declined the offer and went on to pass the test (Carson).

After enrolling in a college, Cosby calculated four years’ fee for her daughter which was a total of $182,000 (Carson). He also says that he has two children who don’t want to go to school and are always stubborn. He says that he used to beat them but he has realized that their failure to attend school is reducing their poverty. Generally, Cosby argues that colleges are expensive and can easily lead to poverty (Carson). Thus, the only way to avoid these increased costs is leave children at home, and convince them to do other things instead of schooling.            

The most interesting feature mentioned in the article is that a big portion of comedy is dependant on how the audience relates to the topic of discussion and can your audience see themselves in your shoes (Zhao). This means that when illustrating or performing, you ought to put into consideration all your audiences. Thus, when illustrating negative aspect, you yourself ought to play that role so as to eliminate any cases of suspicion. However, in this article, Peter portray himself as a good man- an Indian man-  in his stereotype that Chinese people can’t give a deal and Indian people can’t live without a bargain (Zhao). He should have taken the role of a Chinese man- who is bad man, so as to have direct influence on his audience. 

Buy custom ?The Tonight Show? essay paper cheap

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