Free Custom «The Search for my College Education» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Search for my College Education» Essay Paper

It’s been a couple of years that I have been enrolled in Northeastern University – Global Pathways Program (ESL). All the years I spent in that college were so amazing and I feel productive in knowing different things each day. I can say that I get a good education from it. Good. Just good.

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Towards the end of the last semester, a need rises within me. I feel the thirst for more knowledge. I feel discontentment of good. A feeling of wanting more arises within my conscious being. I sat down and reflect. I try to ask myself with questions like what I am feeling right now? What makes me discontent with the type of training I am getting? Where should I go? What do I really want? And I came up with answers. And these answers led to a decision, a decision that will bring so much impact in my life.

These answers I have are now my reasons why I decided to transfer o your respected university.

I believe that to learn more on a certain language, I should use it with the people who are native speakers of it. I believe that to be surrounded by students who are speaking this language will be very healthy and educative for me. I believe that your school is of this type. I know that if I am in your school, I can learn more about English language and I can have many opportunities in using it in educational way.

I want to believe that convenience and a favourable environment will have a positive effect on how one learns and that is my second reason. I don’t want to compare your school to NEU but I believe that your school offers a favourable environment conducive for learning and it is convenient for me if transportation per se is involve. The everyday travel from my house to school will not be a burden for me and I believe that’s a good factor to consider.. And to how favourable your school’s environment is, I think no one will dare to object if I say that it offers conducive atmosphere for learning.

Lastly, I took into consideration the reputation of your good school as my reason why I decided to enroll here. As far as my knowledge is concern, your school has maintained a high standard of education and it offers the high quality education I am seeking for. I write this not to sugar coat my essay but I just want to tell you what I believe.

I also believe that with you as my partner in education, I can achieve what I am dreaming to be. It is my goal in my life to finish my undergraduate degree in management and my masters too. After my education here, I want to go back in china to help my father in managing the company. Thus it is my goal to get the best education I can and I believe that being in your hands, I am on the right track. 


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