Free Custom «The Reality of a Construction Project» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Reality of a Construction Project» Essay Paper

An architect or a designer may not be conscious of the impacts an experienced electrician can have on present day's planning and construction procedures. Electrical equipment and control apparatus are being developed at a much faster rate. Many new electrical technologies are being introduced into the market every now and then. So in order to come up with a consistent building project and to present a perfect design clarification that utilizes modern and cost valuable expertise, experts in electrical engineering and design specialists must come to together frequently to get informed about what others have in mind.

While it may be advisable to sketch and design tall buildings, it is a different thing to make them a reality from an electrician point of view. The client’s project expenses are given attention when designing a construction project. A Designer's idea and an electrician's experience at times may not come in terms to make a construction project a reality.

A designer’s idea can escalate construction venture costs according to electrician's point of view. The architect may come up with a structure design with electrical fittings which may become expensive when the electrician comes into play. Architects or designers cannot have enough experience as the electrician concerning electrical appliances and fittings and end up having misguided visions. So construction project may not be a reality according to electrician's experience. This will stall a project because the design maybe out of the estimated cost planned until completion.

If an electrician is incorporated into the design ideas, costs can be minimized by not including electric components which are expensive while other less pricey can still serve the same purpose. For example an architect can maximize on reflectance surface instead of depending on electronic reflectors. He could also opt for brighter colors for fortifications and floors. This will still enhance the project and minimize costs. A designer's vision may not provide for proper lighting or take on board daylight as a source. This will force an experienced electrician to come up with expensive decision of lighting thus altering the course of the project.


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