Free Custom «The Last Exam» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Last Exam» Essay Paper

While taking the last exam, I was faced myriads of confusions as a result of several misconceptions. Before taking the first exam, I had several misconceptions that blurred my performance in the exam. First, I have misconceived that value could only have a range of negative and positive numbers with infinity being on the positive side only. This made me forget to indicate negate numbers as having negative infinity even when this case was true. Besides, I had a general misconception that I could rewrite an equation without considering negative values. As a result, I found myself failing to arrive at valid solutions to problems involving equations. However, these misconceptions were not in consonant with appropriate steps required to solve several problems in the exam.

While studying for the coming exams, I now use a new strategy to ensure that I understand how to solve various problems. Given the impact of these misconceptions on my previous examination, I was ready to resolve some of the issues that were a problem to me. My approach to studying for this examination is effective because it has allowed me successfully solution of inverse solution to problems. In addition, this method seems to be much easier than the previous one. This is because I can now recite many concepts that I had difficulty in the previous method. Furthermore, this current method seems to be more effective than previous one since I can now determine increase or decrease of intervals.

After using the current study method, I have learnt not only how to evaluate increase or decrease of interval, but also carefully position negative values in equations. Indeed, I have learnt how to work with negative values, and this will allow me manipulate equations correctly. Most important, I will also correctly consider negative values and correctly locate value with infinity where necessary.


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