Free Custom «The Ku-Klux Klan» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Ku-Klux Klan» Essay Paper

A question bogs down DuBois: How does it feel to be a problem? This is what he is asked by the whites. The answer hardly comes, with facially expressions serving the purpose just well. And finally, a girl refuses a card from DuBois This situation is unsettling , calling for a solution. Possible options include learning how to heal the sick, taking on law, for an American negro to find peace within and beyond. This will hopefully bring an end to the perpetual suffering of the negro, reinforced by the memories of tales of Ethiopia and Egyptian Sphinx. The history is replete with the brightness of African stars, who are never given full opportunity to reveal their full brightness. This criticism and discrimination forced the African scholars into pseudo-intellectualism. The double life of the negro has caused internal havoc and in an endless search of double aims.

Then came the emancipation of the blacks. But even with this new found freedom, initial days never offered much. Punctuated by holocaust, the Ku-Klux Klan, carpet-baggers, and the industry disorientation, a hope for a better future to the negro remained even elusive. And with little hope for political power, a new form of future emerged for the negro, millions of black resolved to have vote their representatives. This, the negro realized would lead to a lasting emancipation than trudging along the path of political authority. The freedom of the black, despite its modern viability is riddled by enormous despair spanning centuries, making any true delight only too tempting. To fully take advantage of the next frontier, the blacks must entrench education, and consolidate their power of the ballot. Hopefully, this will replenish the energy and waning spirituality of the black people.

With the dawn of 20th Century, the color line question still persisted. The second chapter takes a diachronic look at the historical events of between 1861 to 1872. From the slave rebels of 1863 to the Freedman’s Aid Societies responding to the emotive appeals of Pierce and other points of concern. The different personalities representing various states and their contribution to the fight for the emancipation of the blacks preoccupy the second chapter. The concerted efforts and activities inevitably antagonized the authorities leading to concrete steps towards fully cementing the freedom of the Negros. This culminated in the Congress taking the simmering discomforts seriously, passing a bill to establish a freedman’s Bureau. The Bureau was soon to be beneficial as over half a million patients had been treated by June 1869. The Bureau proved vital in the consolidation of blacks freedom despite the lapses experienced in the structures and some personalities.


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