Free Custom «The Influence of Family on Socialization and Development» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Influence of Family on Socialization and Development» Essay Paper

According to the social economic status of the community, my family can be categorized as middle class. This is because my father and mother have been able to secure white collar jobs with good companies. In addition, my family lives in the suburbs. This shows that we are not rich neither are we poor. My family is African American. This is because of the skin color and the food we eat. We are generally used to eating greens and chicken as part of our meal. According to African America history, it is believed that the African American used to grow greens as part of their foods and rear chicken.

My family practices Christianity as part of their religious culture. In particular, we are strong Protestants. In my schools years Christianity plays a great role. It encourages me to study hard in my education. Additionally, it has introduced me to different social traits, for instance, honesty at school. Finally, religion helps me to socialize and relate with others at school. Similarly, my family members are extremely supportive of my education. I have always wanted to be an accountant. My parents have shown me the correct path to follow to achieve my dreams. All through my school life I have not encountered with any difficulties. I have impeccable grades. My family members have always been proud of my grades during elementary school.

The way I have been brought up in my family will certainly affect how I will bring up my own family in future. First, I will teach my children the importance of religion. Most likely they will become Protestants. Second, I will encourage my children to follow their career dreams. I will show them the importance of education in their lives. For this reason, I will advice them the best path to follow depending on their careers. Therefore, these facts prove family affects the social life and development of a person.


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