Free Custom «The Improvement in my Mood and Emotional State» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Improvement in my Mood and Emotional State» Essay Paper

It’s common knowledge that physical exercises and healthy diet can significantly improve the wellbeing of a human being. The weight lifting class I have been attending turned out to be quite helpful to me in several areas. For the last fourteen weeks I’ve been doing various exercises and observing improvements in my health. As a result of the class I have improved my physical health, emotional wellbeing, and have achieved better performance results.

First of all, I would like to note the improvement in my mood and emotional state. One of the major improvements was the fact that I was able to sleep better at night and take a nap in the afternoon. The physical activity I’ve been engaged in has allowed me to fall asleep easier and have a good rest during the night. Moreover, I’ve noticed that my stress level has decreased. I’ve got two small kids who naturally require a lot of attention, time, and energy. It is not a secret that parenting is a stressful job. That is why I was extremely glad to discover that I could be absolutely stress-free after my workout. This gave me the opportunity to function better in different situations and respond calmly during stressful events. To say more, I ate more nutritious food and due to that was able to fee myself better on a daily basis. During the course I have gained 10 pounds of muscle mass, and my blood pressure has become lower – 130/74 compared to 142/88 at the beginning of the class.

My physical performance factors have also increased over the duration of the course. I can observe that all muscle groups of my body are in better tonus now than they were fourteen weeks earlier. For example, now I can bench 175 pounds compared to 115 pounds fourteen weeks ago. I have also noticed that it’s now easier to endure long distances. To prove this, I can run 1.25 miles in 12 minutes now but I could only manage 0.58 miles at the beginning of the course. Finally, my leg press now reaches the level of 310 pounds versus 210 pounds earlier. However, my body fat and body mass index don’t seem to alter significantly in any direction. After the completion of the course my body fat constitutes 11.2 % and my BMI is 24.1, which are almost the same in comparison to my condition at the beginning of the class.

Over these fourteen weeks I’ve discovered a number of helpful exercises for different goals or muscles one wants to train. One exercise that I like the most and which I find very helpful is called “wide grip pull ups” and it works in the folloowing way. One has to hold the bar with the hands slightly wider than shoulder width. The palms should be facing down. Hang from the bar and cross the feet behind you. Pull yourself until your chin is roughly at the same level as the bar, hold the position for a second and then lower yourself back down to the starting position. It’s important to breathe in before you start the rep and exhale the air powerfully as you pull yourself up. This exercise can develop powerful forearms and increase grip strength to help improve one’s performance in several sports, such as martial arts or wrestling, both of which require a strong grip. Pull ups are usually beneficial for the back and core muscles. This exercise will help to develop and strengthen several muscles of one’s body such as biceps, the forearms, and the middle back.

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Overall, I would like to point our once again the effectiveness of the course and its positive effect on my body as well as mind. Without a doubt, personal commitment and perseverance play a huge role in one’s success. The same class would have been worthless without the due effort and the right attitude. To sum up, when engaging in physical exercise yourself it is possible to experience all those benefits of the sports that some people only know from theory.


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