Free Custom «The Impact of Job Loss» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Impact of Job Loss» Essay Paper

The tax penalty imposed on my medium sized company after my delay in remitting annual profit tax declarations, was too much for my boss to bear. After working through everything and only needed a day to compile I set on my trip vacation, which ended exactly three days to submission. The excitement of Spain had me skip formalities of handover since I was sure to be back on time. Then the inevitable delay for my missed flight back had me stranded in Spain as my family organized to have me back. No refunds were allowed, and I could not call the office for I had not disclosed to my boss my intended travel which would have delayed my vacation through handover procedures. I had sneaked out on an unreported leave!

My wife saw the boxes in the back of the car and immediately broke down in tears. The school fees for my two young children, was overdue and the month’s rent had been deliberately delayed as the money was sent to me in Spain. I was the sole provider of the family as my wife wen to college and worked part-time at a supermarket to meet her academic, financial requirements. Her fee balance was to be cleared by the end of the month that I was fired, so that she could sit her final exams for a course she had worked on for 5 long years. The immediate bank notices for collection of skipped loan repayments and all the creditors’ communications got to her nerves, and she developed ulcers and acute depression. This increased my expenses, and I could not focus on getting another job at the same time taking care of my young family.

My brothers and parents had to step in to carter for my basic house bills. My mother and sister were handy in caring for my two children, who were disturbed by the change in their mother who seemed disillusioned and could not cope with regular activities. Based on my excellent work record, my employer was kind enough to connect me with government resources at the Labor department via the Rapid Response Team. I was able to sign in on unemployment insurance as well as connnected to options within the health insurance docket, which were crucial for my recovery process after the job loss. The department of labor was instrumental in holding of some of my creditors especially the Bank’s collection department with regards to my personal loans. This took a while, but I was able to identify gaps in my skills and professional qualifications. I am working on upgrading my professional qualifications, for better chances at regaining formal work.

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What got me through the situation was my adjustment in expenditure because I moved to a smaller house and laid-off my house maid and gardener. I did away with most electronic devices in the house, to cut down on my electricity bills as well as gain some income to handle immediate expenses that were minor but urgent. Family members were supportive especially the kids when we did way with the costly monthly outings and trips for the family. I am now on a steady rise with a part time job at a local Audit firm.


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