Free Custom «The Greatest Artist of all Times» Essay Paper

Free Custom «The Greatest Artist of all Times» Essay Paper

It started out as just a leisure time activity, but now it has turned to be a dream that I would really love to live. Initially I had never thought of becoming an artist but my cousin has kept me on my toes since she discovered my talent in drawing. She has been a really great encouragement such that I now strongly believe in not only becoming an artist but an excellent one. She cares a lot about this new discovered talent and has consistently promoted me and helped me to improve my drawing skills. Of late I have realized that this is not about her or doing what she would want me to do but doing what I really love and enjoy doing.

It started out in the desert when I and my family were taking a short journey, as I walked around I found a pen and a paper and took them into my possession. Some strange impulse gave me a strong urge to draw a view that had struck me as very wonderful. I still vividly remember this amazing sight, the blue sky and the beautiful sun rays piercing and shining through the cloud such that I felt that I wanted to be part of nature. There were also sheep that were mauling on some grass in some part of a whole space of golden sand.

As I was sketching this amazing sight, my cousin noticed my concentration and got curious to see what I was up to. She crept behind me with the intention of scaring me but on seeing what I was doing with the pen and the piece of paper she was so fascinated and surprised at the same time by what I had sketched. He suddenly grabbed the paper and ran with it to show it to my father. My father did not pay much attention to it by my cousin did not fall short of telling of what great talent I possessed. She told me that she honestly believed that I would live to be a great artist if I seriously put my mind to it. I have never known why but at that particular time I felt embarrassed but also glad that somebody really appreciated my efforts.

A couple of days later, my cousin brought me a sketchbook, some pencils, brushes and colored paints and told me it was her gift to me. I could not understand why she gave me all this stuff since it never occurred to me that I would need them at any one particular time. She told me, “come on Maryam, just think about it, do not let your talent go to waste as you watch, you should make the best out of it by practicing on it to improve your skills.” But all I could say was, “get serious, that was nothing but a stupid sketch, it was not all that important.”

She would not hear any of this, she pushed the stationery into my arms and sat in a chair in front of me and told me to draw her. I this was just a big joke but looking in her eyes I could see that she was really serious. Though I continued in protests I finally gave in to it. I started out sketching her hair which proved somewhat difficult by as I progressed I got really excited about it and directed all my focus towards it and the results were really interesting as I drew her step by step. This was my first portrait which took about an hour. Honestly I did not think that it looked all that fantastic but coming to think of it, I had not thought that I would finish it quite successfully within such a short period of time. However, my cousin was crazy about this portrait and took it with her to her parents to show them how great an artist I was. To my surprise they seemed to like it too and talked highly about it.

Afterwards, my school work overtook my talent, as I always found my self busy. I did not make any other drawings till that summer. We later broke for holidays and my family and I were to travel to Paris. As we were at the airport, I saw a stationery shop and my heart skipped a beat with excitement, I went and bought my self some note pads and pencils and since then I have been drawing anything that strikes me as interesting which has been a wonderful experience. Drawing nowadays means a lot to me and it gets more interesting and exciting each day. I have made a lot of progress in improving my skills. I hope that one day in the rear future I will be put in history as one of the greatest artists of my time.



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