Free Custom «Taking Risks» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Taking Risks» Essay Paper

Taking risks has always been a part of me. I can’t imagine where I would have been today if I hadn’t found the courage to follow my heart and take risks. I have always taken the risk of believing in my abilities despite others’ opinions.

I started snow skiing at the age of 3 and improved gradually. I won many national championships but this wasn’t enough for me. I soon became interested in freestyle skiing, which my parents strongly opposed due to the high risk involved. I explained to them its importance and promised to be careful.

By the age of 13, I was able to compete in “Big Air” competitions which were reserved for adults. I might not have won a medal that year, but I became proud to have found this passion and pursued it. Afterwards, I trained and progressed to an advanced level. The distributor of Head skis in Lebanon offered to sponsor me.

Despite my father having other ideas, he and my mom encourage me to choose and decide for myself. Again, I wanted to train with professionals and after much discussion, my parents allowed me to go to a freestyle ski camp in Whistler, Canada last July, where I had the opportunity to train under the directions of world champion freestyle skiers.

Tradition is important in Lebanon. My father had other plans for me. So, when I told him about my desire to study in London, he was upset at first. I stood up for myself and explained my desire. He had always assumed and thought that I would follow in his footsteps and study at Dauphine University in France where he graduated 30 years ago after studying law. I have been studying in French institutions since the age of 3, and felt that there was need for a change. I wanted to spend my college years in the United Kingdom for many reasons: the English method of teaching and high level of education are known, recognized, and respected worldwide. I wanted to enjoy the whole college experience of living in a beautiful campus, be an active member in various college groups and activities, get opportunities to work, and who knows? The options are endless! I was convinced that this was my time to be in the United Kingdom. I am half Lebanese and half Mexican and until now I have spent my entire life in Lebanon, and it has been a great place to grow up, but I felt the need to merge myself in the Western culture.

My father and I talked about it quite a bit the following months and slowly he started to understand my decision. He eventually accepted it, and is now proudly telling family members and friends that his son will be studying in the United Kingdom the following year. My father has a very strong personality and can be intimidating at times, so people often prefer to agree with him, rather than risk conflict, as it tends to be easier.

I am currently a student at the INTO city business and economics foundation program. It’s the first step in building and following my own path. The five modules this foundation course offers are a broad and general understanding of business and economics.

Although business in general appeals to me as a discipline, economics has caught my interest up close and personal. It combines two of my passions: the purity of math and the practicality of business. My work experiences provided me a taste of the world I aspired to be part of, the business world. Having worked in a bank, a business company, and in an advertising company, I feel a step closer to attain my goal.

Your university offers a great opportunity for me to excel in this domain. My desire to study in London is to be in the heart of the financial world, getting the best education, and an opportunity to gain experience at the best financial institutions creating the perfect environment that will lead to my personal success.

I believe that being part of a global community will prepare me for a better life after college paving way for a successful career ahead. I hope I will someday make my mark and catch people’s attention by being innovative, creative and different.



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