Free Custom «Statistics» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Statistics» Essay Paper

Nowadays, statistics are used in our everyday lives and in most of our areas of study. Statistics is therefore one of the most useful subjects to learn. Statistics is beneficial to the human race because it is used to understand the present through scientific interpretation of data and to predict the future. This helps in planning and in execution of those plans. The benefits drawn from this ability to plan in advance and in executing the said plans through the help of scientific data cannot be overestimated.  This is what has propelled me to aspire for a degree in Statistics. I believe this degree will equip me with the necessary skills to be a terrific statistician.

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Statistics requires somebody with a strong background in mathematics and business. This suits well with me because I have always performed well in these two subjects. Besides, I have worked as an Office Administration Trainee for a reputable company where I gained valuable knowledge in processing data and making use of the results. It is worth noting that I received high ealuation from the company I worked for. My duties in this position included setting up and maintaining operations of the computer system, main servers and the LAN network to ensure all the systems thereof perform as expected round the clock. I believe this experience will be valuable in my study as a statistician.

During my free time, I volunteer in community service. I have participated in a flag-selling event organized by Tung Wah Group of Hospitals with the aim of mobilizing funds. All high schools in the southern part of Hong Kong participated in this event. I have also volunteered as a CPR class test marker in the American Red Cross Center in Pittsburg, CA. The beauty of this is that it has helped me to get in touch with the community who are the consumers of the data generated through statistics, the course I desire to pursue.

There are many things I have participated in life which are worth noting. I participated and won trophies in swimming competitions while in high school where I was my school’s representative for three yeears. I participated in the World Cyber Game event, the biggest video-gaming event in the world, sponsored by Microsoft and Samsung where our team of five ended up as the second runners up. But to me the most important personal experience is being the President of the Math Club in high school. During my tenure, the club was very vibrant. It organized many activities notable among them a Rubics Cube Competitions and a carnival organized in conjunction with the Science Club.

The presidency sharpened my leadership skills. It also brought out the best qualities of leadership that I am endowed with. Besides, it was a forum for sharing knowledge in mathematics and challenging one another on the subject. Statistics being at the core of Mathematics, my presidency and participation in the club was an eye opener for me concerning the course and the career I should pursue. It made me realize that I had an unquenchable interest in Statistics. It also made me realize I was gifted in the subject because I was able to solve with ease problems my colleagues would find difficult. 


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