Free Custom «Statement of Professional Objectives» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Statement of Professional Objectives» Essay Paper

The key objective of applying for the master in business administration in Roman University is obtaining the skills, required for the challenging leadership position, related to the working in the field of the informational system management.

My future professional objective may be represented as the career in such organization, where my professional skills in management, administration and supervision may be applied. Consequently the core objective of getting the master in business administration is obtaining the skills, which would assist in mental growth and success.

I would like to get the professional skills which would assist in obtaining the future job, offering a greater challenge, increasing the set of benefits for my family, and where I able to help the company advance efficiently and productively.

Furthermore, I would like to apply the knowledge obtained in the Roman University into the practice of the informational system manager job, which is mainly interrelated with the operations with the software, its s maintenance and development and introducing the informational systems into the company’s activity. In other words, I would like my future professional duties to be the following: supporting the flow of information within the enterprise- between all its departments and also managing the connections with other outside stakeholders; supporting of sharing information and other types of collaboration between different departments, which may be required by some situation; introduction of some new information into the system.

That is why my application to the Roman University implies obtaining the wide spectrum of knowledge related both to the business administration and to the informative system. The profession of management for me implies both collaboration with people and organization of the process, related to the computer systems.

While taking in account the fact that I am an international student, I would like to develop the communicative skills with the representatives of other social groups and furthermore to apply them into the practice. That fact that the Roman University offers me the educational process in the multinational team is very important one for me because in the nowadays globalized world, it is very important to be culturally aware and to be able to organize the effective communicative process with the representatives of other social groups.

To conclude, I would like to stress that the core professional objective for me implies the creation of such working environment, which would challenge me furthermore. After getting the master in business administration I would like contribute to the continued growth and success for the organization, where I would be employed.

The set of knowledge and practical professional skills, obtained in the Roman University would provide me with the possibility of application of my sales and work experience to a growing industry.

That is why my personal features such as responsibility, educability, ability to get adapted to the newest technological achievements for the short period of time; high concentration of attention; meticulousness; assiduousness would assist me in being competitive and successful on my industry and to reach the highest level of professionalism.

In order to implement the above listed features into the practice, I would like to get the additional knowledge of the process planning, organization, motivation and control in my area of professional activiyty.



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