Reasons for the Drop in My Academic Grades

Free Essay Sample «Reasons for the Drop in My Academic Grades»

When I joined this center of academic excellence, I vowed to uphold to the extreme the virtues and standards that govern the college. However, it is sad to assert to the fact that I have not kept my promise.  There are however, a number of factors that might have played a role resulting to my academic grades dwindling. The two factors on the fore front are; daily commuting to college and my part time job.

            I regret to concur to the fact that the economic down turn which has blurred the globe in the recent past has forced a number of people to find alternative means of earning an extra coin. I am one of those who has fallen a culprit of the same.  The dwindling economy forced me to be working part-time, and as a result, I ended up neglecting my studies. I would work for long hours thus lack enough time to study and prepare adequately for my examinations.  Secondly, I was under an obligation to commute daily from CT to New York for my classes. This may have affected my studies negatively too. Almost three hours are wasted every day to and from school. These are crucial hours that would have instead been put into productive use such as studying. 

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            In relation to the above two factors, I have made a number of changes in my daily routine so as to avoid this predicament in future. My part- time employment is now a thing of the past. Similarly, in order to avoid wasting a lot of time commuting, I have relocated to NJ that requires a maximum of twenty minutes to and from school. With the extra time at my disposal, I believe that there shall be an improvement in my grades and my general academic performance.

            I fully accept the consequences of my failure and my lack of living up to the expectations of my parents and the academic standards set by the school. It is in regard to this that I categorically state and promise to have my belt tightened and put extra effort. With this, I am sure to abide by and be above the institution’s set academic standards. 

Free Essay Sample «Reasons for the Drop in My Academic Grades»


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