Free Custom «Public Speaking Talent» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Public Speaking Talent» Essay Paper

At first I didn’t know that phobia is real and that a person afraid of public speaking can be an over comer because public speaking in rated among the highest sources of phobia in the world. It is equally ranked to phobias of heights and spiders. The hands used to sweat, my mouth used to go dry and knees shake making my sound quaver.

This happened every time I stood in front of a group of people to address them. It was not until a Latin teacher blindly came to India to pay us a visit and also convince us to donate and support poor families in India. At first she was not able to convince the class because after she finished speaking, the whole class still remained calm. I personally didn’t know or realize where it came from, but found myself in front of the class trying to convince the whole class and elaborated the whole truth and believe me, my colleagues agreed to support poor families in India. It was amazing.

Then I realized my public speaking ability was hidden deep inside me and it took the courage of the urge to assist to assist poor families in India to get this phobia out. From that day on, I have found it most pleasant to speak in public and really convince people to take positive moves in shaping the way this world looks.

Public speaking is feared because one is afraid what other people may think about the speaker or may make one look like a fool. One is afraid of making mistakes or may present views that are against the audience and people will hate you as a result.

Since I overcame this phobia, I discovered that personally, when speaking to a group of people, I have to get attention off myself and not make it important the way you feel even if you are uncomfortable. Focusing on anything other than my self was the bitter truth I had to accept and do. I pay attention to my audience and sometimes notice how the audience is dressed in order to trick my mind into not noticing what is happening to me.

I usually make the audience my friends because they are people. I engage them and take note people that nod in agreement and also those in disagreement. I keep them awake by asking rhetoric questions, maintaining eye contact, challenging them, being provocative, changing the volume of my voice and I even change the pace of delivery.

This talent has enabled me to go places to advice young people on how to be confidence in communicating their views in public. I visit schools in the vicinity to help young people and also assist raise money for poor Indian families. And so for, through the power of public speaking that is in me, that Latin teacher and I have made very great contributions and have convince many people into donating to those families. This has made me proud.



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