Free Custom «Postgraduate Application» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Postgraduate Application» Essay Paper

My drive of choosing a course in Masters in Creative Arts Consultancy is apply the skills earned in the field to solve difficulties in the creative industries. Based on my excellent academic qualifications, I believe that I can qualify to get an admission into the aforementioned program.

Currently, I am in the final year of a four year Bachelor of Arts Program in Lancaster University. I am majoring in media and cultural studies. Through the program, I have achieved valuable knowledge in the field of media studies and creative arts. This course is based on theory and has some elements that offer practical skills. This course has shaped my academic interest in and I am in a position to see the link between history and culture and how they shape the media.

For the past three years, I have qualified as one of the best students and was on the Dean's List of Honor because I had a 3.80 GPA points. This proves my good achievements in the academic field. In addition to that, I have qualified for one scholarship award from Lancaster University for academic excellence. I chose this field of study because I am creative and always look for practical solutions for any difficulty. At the end of the third year, I was the head of a group that embarked on designing a creative banner for our cultural week. Our group went on to be the first one and won the Most Creative Award because I had spearheaded a campaign that would forge for unity through historical understanding and culture embracement. This campaign sparked the interest of everyone in the University, from the students to the teaching faculty. It also spurred the inclusion of the element of diversity in Lancaster. This model has been adapted by several universities across the continent. At the beginning of this academic year, I was chosen to form a club that would use the media to highlight issues on history, culture, and diversity.

With the course of Creative Arts Consultancy in mind, I decided to work as an attach‚ at an advertising firm. I was under the supervision of a well-known creativity guru in the advertising industry. It was intensely intriguing to see the variety of cases that she dealt with on a daily basis. This observation opened my eyes to the realms of the advertising industry and how creativity is used to capture the minds of the audience. This experience was also very beneficial since it enabled me to decide my suitability for the consultancy course. I realized the significance of professionalism and creativity in the execution of the job. I encountered challenges that the sector of creativity experiences, for instance, meeting deadlines, and getting new ideas within the shortest time possible. Thus, the course requires one to be dedicated, patient, and very creative.

Good leadership is very vital in achieving the best in any career. I successfully led our group to winning the Most Creative Award, a proof of good leadership, creative and communication skills.

I chose to study at Lancaster University because it offers a different social and academic setting that ingrains excellence into the life of every student. The course is structured in a way that one is able to attend to the classes once a week. This is very supple and I will be able to meet and spend some time with clients. The course offers different modules that enable a student to develop in all fields. There is a module on consultant research methods workshops that will enable me to learn ethics and management issues in consultancy. The module on personal development will be handy in developing my interpersonal skills, concepts, and attitudes that will help in reflective learning. The work placement module will enable me to work on a project while meeting and working with new clients. This course will enable me to develop consultancy skills that are applicable in the field of creative industries. The course will enable me to develop and maintain a balance between the practicum and theory.

The most important feature about this course is that one is given time to learn theory. In the next step, a student is allowed to develop a research plan with the help of a supervisor. This is very important and it makes the college to stand out from the rest because I will be guided toward the right decisions. Supervision is one of the key elements that foster the skills of decision-making of a student or an apprentice. This course will enable me to develop research and report writing skills. I chose Lancaster University because some of the clients in this field include National Trust, BBC Radio, Blues Festival, Horse, and Bamboo Theatre among others. This is a rare opportunity accorded to students in this course because all these clients have a very high reputation and have encouraged the development of creativity and talent among Lancaster's former students. In addition to that, Lancaster is a university that gives students a community-like life. This creates a close-knit community and students are free to approach their mentors, a feature that will enable me to develop communication skills, which are very important in organizational work.

Furthermore, people in the creative and cultural industries have a passion for creativity and excellence. I am aware of the challenges, but my leadership and academic skills will be of importance to my success in this industry.



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