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Planning for One?s Future

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Planning for one’s future is often the most difficult task to do. This is because of the numerous uncertainties involved. However, as the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail, I have decided to put forward some plans for to make my future better.

My ambition for the future is to become a professional accountant, financial analysts or finance manager of a reputable organization. In my view, after completing my high school education I would like to join a State university for further studies in accountancy. The course that I would like to study is Bachelors degree in Commerce or Business Administration with a major in accounting. I believe that university education will provide me with an understanding of the business world. It will also provide me with a wide range of skills and knowlege and adequate exposure needed for business operations. Having performed well in my high school examinations, I can now easily access higher education. The skills I acquired at high school level will prove useful at university level.

Since my childhood, I have been longing for becoming a professional accountant. At high school, I excelled in basic accountancy and commerce, and hence developed more interests in accountancy. I would thus wish to continue studying accountancy at university level. Furthermore, I have great interests in Mathematics and Statistics, which I believe are the basics for accounting calculations. I also possess good analytical skills which I may require as a financial analyst. I thus feel that I am fit for a professional course leading to a degree in accountancy.

In my view, studying MMathematics, Statistics and Accountancy would provide me with adequate skills required to be a competent accountant, financial analysts or financial manager. I will also be able to acquire business knowledge that I may use in business operations and transactions. Moreover, knowledge gained from higher education will enable me start my own business. Given adequate support and assistance, I will study accountancy up to Masters Degree level, thus enabling me accomplish my ambition of lecturing accountancy in colleges and universities.

In conclusion, I have really enjoyed studying accountancy and commerce in high school and thus I believe that it will be more interesting and enjoyable as I go up my career ladder. Armed with accountancy, analytical, business ethics skills and proficient English, I am doubtless that I will achieve these dreams.

Buy custom Planning for One?s Future essay paper cheap

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