Free Essay Sample «Physical Fitness»

Free Essay Sample «Physical Fitness»

I am a vibarant young and energetic young man with quit a rich background of talents, leadership qualities, volunteer and different cultural experiences. My life experiences have been far from homogeneous or common place. My different experiences have deeply influenced the way I percieve the world and renewed my drive towards my life goals; one being to be a great leader and the only way to achieve that is to be a great servant. Rutger’s university (New Brunswick to be more specific), has always been a first choice for me. New Brunswick is an institution that would challenge my values, gain new knowledge, and better yet give me an edge on my career.

I served in the U.S army for 5 ½ years until my honarable discharge  at the rank of a sergent. In those few years yet most memorable of my life, I served in leadership positions with special interest in phisical fitness. Physical fitness is a passion I have held since my childhood days, through highschool and even now as an adult. My jobs in the different military deployment mainly focused on training soldiers to meet if not surpass their required fitness standard. As a sport it required team work, my quality as a servant leader greatly improved. Hence I adapted the motto ‘Become a Great leader to serve others.’

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It is these skills and experience that I seek to bring to the community of Rutgers University. With the rising concerns in the lifestyles of many young people healthwise, rigorous academic education combined with physical contribution is greatly needed. To the level I have have achieved, I feel it is only a foundation or a stepping stone to more exciting things. A big tree needs to have a deep root, which is why foundation only is not enough.

I want to be one with a positive impact, that positive effect is something I must give in order to be satisfied with my life; a poductive, and helpful life. The reputation for exellence of this institution is a driving factor to my intrest to join. The inspiration by a top-notch faculty will definitely sharpen my intelectual skills. I feel that New Brunswick, above all others, can guide towards achiving a life of greatness and satisfaction.


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