Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Statement» Essay Paper

My names are Jiayuan Liu and as an aspirant to study mathematics and Finance in the Imperial college of London, there are factors that have contributed to my choice as well as the quest to study in this field. More precisely, I intent to join a graduate school in England, which is in particular Imperial College of London. My background has shaped me towards my career and as such having grown up in China I spent two years in Dongbei University of finance and economics, and then went to university of Surrey.

During these formative years of schooling, I developed a special interest in mathematics and finance. This came partly as a result of the subjects I studied in Dongbei University of finance and economics and personal experiences. My performance proved to be excellent and more so, I was inspired by my lecturers as they kept on encouraging me. In addition, I came to love finance and economics owing to the academic capabilities which I possess; I have good grades in probability theory and statistics. As a matter of fact, I am scheduled to take a mathematics test in the beginning of the semester.

Currently, I major is tourism management of which I have so far gained great skills. Tourism management in this case will help me to be in a position to understand the whole management of tourism of which when combined with the mathematics and the finance I intent to take in the Imperial college of London; then I can work in the finance department of the tourism sector. This is not only the reason for my application but mathematics and finance is a field of study I am so much interested. It is a field that I do not struggle much in order to understand and I am confident that I shall excel in it if given the chance.

Accordingly, the study of mathematics and finance in this case will not only help me alone but as well the society as I will be well positioned to advise them on financial management issues. Personally, I will benefit from the experience owing to the fact that I will be able to well apply mathematics and manage my finances.

I plan to apply the October 2011 term since by then I will be through with what I am currently undertaking. In the same line of thought, if considered for the chance, I will be of great benefit to the society from the broader point of view. I believe that I can handle it with all the confidence and still excel as I am determined and my character of being optimistic has always inspired me to take greater challenges and as such I come out as a victor.

In all my education life, I have been doing well and in spite of the background education in the mentioned universities, I am convinced that I am not complete until I have studied Mathematics and finance in the Imperial college of London. This is where my vision is and as well I do not plan to do it elsewhere. I have heard of it and my lecturers have advised me to take this program in this college. I do not thus doubt myself and I know in this college I will realize my dream come true as its reputation regarding this offer is exceptional.

Needless to say, I have very good grades on probability theory and statistics and as such, with the confidence I have I am therefore legible for admission in the Imperial college of London. I am hard working and I am never afraid of taking risks and I believe in my self. Therefore, I am confident enough to pursue mathematics and finance.



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