Free Custom «Personal Journal» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Journal» Essay Paper

August 26th: This week, I weighed 135 pounds. I slept an average of five hours a day because my two kids kept on waking me up all night. I tried resting the day after my work-out but I did not get used to it.

September 2nd: After one week, I still weighed 135 pounds. During my workout routine, I concentrated on my chest and shoulders. I did a few repetitions per set during each exercise because I didn’t want to experience muscle pains the following day. I tried to eat protein bars after working out and I also tried to go to bed early.

September 9th: I worked out for 5 days this week. I ran on the treadmill for twenty minutes. I tried to have a nap right after workout. During this period, most of the food that I ate was non-fat. I usually went to bed around midnight and woke up around five in the morning each time I did.

September 16th: I did five sets of bench press, five sets of pectoral flies, and five sets of pulley pull downs. My minimum exercise weights were 90 pounds for 15 reps while the maximum weights I used were 120 pounds for 1 rep. I was able to take naps which lasted an average of 24 minutes during the afternoon. During the evenings, I made it a point to turn off the television before going to bed.

September 23rd: During this week, I tried to increasing the weights to ten pounds per set. When I did this change, I was only able to accomplish four sets for each exercise. My maximum weight was 135 pounds for one rep. I ended up eating more protein after my workouts. I also had some good naps during the afternoons. At night, still I couldn’t get some early sleep because my kids kept running around the house.

September 30th: This week, I tried to relax my muscles. Instead of the usual workout, I ran on the treadmill for 3 days for 30 minutes. I started eating before going bed. I was able to sleep five straight hours during the night.

October 7th: During this week, I spent much of my time on bench press while increasing the weights to ten pounds per set. I also ran on the treadmill an average of a mile. After this, I ate more protein bars and I took a nap which lasted around 45 minutes. I also ate little bit of snacks before going to bed.

October 14th: I slept an average of six hours every night this week. I was able to go to bed at midnight and wake up six in the morning. I worked out three times this week concentrating mostly on my shoulders and chest. I noticed that I started eating better this week. Sleeping was also better, especially right after I worked out.

October 21st: This week, I concentrated on dual pulley pull downs and pectoral flies. I did an average of 30 reps per set. I had two protein bars right after I worked out and slept for 30 minutes.

October 28th: I was able to take an hour’s worth of sleep in the afternoon right after exercising. I consumed a protein snack bar before going to bed at midnight and I was able to wake up at six in the morning.

November 4th: This week I weighed myself and I weighed 144 pounds. Apparently, I gained a lot! I concentrated my workouts on the assist bench press. I did one set of five on pyramid styles. I started out with 55 pounds warm up as always and I benched 110 pounds for 15 reps ending at 155 pounds for one rep.

November 11th: My weight this week was still pegged at 144 pounds. I had 16 ounces of strawberry-banana smoothie before bed time 4 times this week. I slept an average of one hour during the afternoons. My night’s sleep lasted for almost 7 hours. This made me feel good after waking up the morning after.

November 18th: For the past 13 weeks, I was able to gain around nine pounds. I believe most of the gain I had developed was muscle mass. I have been sleeping for six to seven hours every night plus one hour during the day. I did not feel fatigue this week plus I can now eat more right after working out.



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