Free Custom «Personal Goals Statement» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Goals Statement» Essay Paper

In the current complex human society, animals are increasingly becoming an integrated part of human families as manifested in the constantly evolving human lifestyles. By virtue of the fact that in their ordinary lives animals require to be subjected to unique care, this has necessitated the need for animal experts to offer the much needed services. My passion for animals has been nurtured throughout the years o my life. This is because I have always loved animals and my passion has grown to the point that I would like to practice as an animal expert in order to actualize my inherent connection with them.

In a bid to fulfill my dreams of becoming an animal expert I went ahead an enrolled for an AS program in Veterinary Technology at Penn Foster College. This was in line with developing a better understanding about animals especially on the aspects that entail caring for them. Moreover, I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Relations, which I acquired from UNC Chapel Hill, NC. In addition to his, I have worked as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines for the past 20 years during which my interaction with animals has been significant despite the fact this is a predominantly human service domain.

I am a dedicated and persistent person especially when it comes to achieving the things I treasure and believe in, by taking into account existing internal and external influences, which impact upon our lives. I treasure team work and appreciate everyone’s input in any professional setting. I am also patient and promote the fulfillment of modern day human-animal social fundamentals and environmental perspectives. In addition, I treasure virtues of humility, service, and maintaining high professional standards associated with human and animal service sectors.

My main reason for submitting my application for the Master of Science in Animal Behavior Analysis and Counseling Program at the American College of Applied Science is to enable me further my understanding of animal behavior since thhis is critical component when it comes to offering better care initiatives for animals. I also look forward to bring a positive impact in the neglected social domain of animal care with an aim of integrating human and animal aspects associated with this diverse field. I intend to join ACAS program in the coming fall 2010 season since this will be an opportune time for me.

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Once approved for the program I intend to promote diligence and professionalism associated with ACAS. By acquiring sufficient knowledge regarding animal care fundamentals, I also intend to produce a new notion of this service through sensitizing animal owners on better animal care initiatives and practices. In addition, I would like to sensitize people on the essence of caring for our environment by convincing people to adopt sustainable and environmentally friendly options in life. I intend to achieve this through instilling positive attitudes in people, consequently leading to the achievement of practical objectives in the long run.


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