Free Custom «Personal Characteristics» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Personal Characteristics» Essay Paper

Many people find it hard to fit into new environments away from the ones they have grown used to. To such a people, coming to a new place or to new a group of people more often than not appears a little scary. Most of them would therefore fear being transferred to places where they know very well that they have few if any acquaintances. I am not that kind of a person, I am confident of my unique ability that enables me to blend in with any new environment that am presented with, an ability that on many occasions goes a long way in helping me make valuable contributions to that particular community. Speaking of my unique personal qualities, I strongly believe and am confident that my greatest and valuable asset is the communication skills that on many occasions help me to speak a common language with different kinds of people coming from many diverse backgrounds. I hate anything that looks upon or discriminates against other people, I hate prejudice and inequality and therefore am always ready to stand up and defend any person if I learn that others in the community are mistreating or treating this individual with bias or discrimination especially on the basis of their race, origin or other qualities that relate to background that has been bestowed on one or has been inherited at birth and therefore the individual in question has no powers to change or run away from.

The determination to always be fair to every human being, has usually won me many kinds of friends. I strongly believe that the experiences I have had in the past can go a long way in making the groups of people that I associate with, including me, form safer places that others can happily stay in terms of having an environment that is free from prejudice and judgments that are premature. I also have natural organization skills that have greatly helped me in my social life. What this means is that I can easily form and organize individuals into groups and teams of friends by coming up with different activities that they can engage in during their leisure time such as organizing for little outings that are appropriate in acting as an incentive for groups of people to get together and build that concept of always working together as a team. I make them grasp the principle of “together we stand, divided we fall.” I have no doubt whatsoever that the ability to bring and hold a group of people together is a big talent as it not only strengthens social ties in the society, but also contributes immensely to the social cohesion and friendliness in the new community that I intend to move into.

The compassion and kindness I have for other people and the sensitivity that I have towards other peoples’ feelings, makes me very popular in any community I visit. I like participating a lot in charity to assist and give my services to the community. These include visiting the sick, participating in cleaning initiatives, and giving relief food to the hungry. I usually get that sense of belonging to humanity when I volunteer at places where people seriously need my help like the sick and the disadvantaged. This does not mean that I only do this during periods of my official part-time, I am always on the look and therefore respond to all people who need a friend and always prepare myself to be ready to reach out and help them. I don’t usually hesitate in doing what I know is right, I don’t wait for others to ask first, I go straight ahead and help once I spot a need. This has made most of my many friends to enjoy my company and are also convinced that I can be a great asset to any community I will end up in because of my friendly, sociable and open character.

I comprehend “agreeableness” as an indispensable attribute for one to be able to get along with others. I find my inherent ability to balance the idea of agreeing with people as much as I disagree with them as so favorable. This is because, agreeing with people makes me come out as quite accommodative but at the same time failing to disagree with them on certain issues over which they have mistaken ideas can make them take me for granted. I therefore avoid agreeing with people in the work place on issues requiring assertiveness since this can make me get viewed as weak and too submissive. An equally important attribute I possess is tolerance. I do fully appreciate the fact that people can’t always behave the way I want them to, but this doesn’t mean that the way they behave is wrong. I therefore cannot try to change people for the simple reason that I don’t understand or like their behavior since trying to do this is tantamount to trying to change their personality which is what makes them distinctive. I do appreciate the fact that tolerating the opinion of others helps foster harmony in the society. I therefore consider these attributes personality trump cards which would come in handy as far as living in harmony with members of my new community is concerned.

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I view my passion for a continuous acquisition of new ideas and skills as an indispensable tool in the modern dynamic world. I also take pride in sharing the ideas and experiences I acquire with other people. This would surely fit the community am just about to join as well as give its members an example of cultural diversity and thirst for knowledge. I do honestly derive pleasure from helping others in any sphere of life. Helping them in the knowledge arena is one of the most valuable things in the present times. I do strongly believe that people do get more information from life experiences and therefore for one to be able to interact well with other people performing different cultures, he/she should be receptive to new ideas. Learning and understanding the culture and experiences of other people from diverse backgrounds is the first step to seeing the advantages and disadvantages of what we have in every sphere of life. I believe that my effort to make interaction between members of the new society more productive in the sphere of knowledge and experience exchange would help members draw the “portrait” of potential learners which am confident every one will learn from.

Finally, am self motivated, an attribute that sees me undertake an activity for the enjoyment it provides, the learning it allows as well as the feelings of accomplishment it evokes. This will definitely ensure that I live up to what is expected of me in the new society without any supervision as well as any external rewards or reinforcements. Seldom do I get the driving force to pursue any activity from verbal praises or any other rewards and this is the reason why my motivation in every task hardly fades. This attribute is bound to see me undertake tasks which are time-limited, routine and unexciting, which other people may not enjoy in the new community. Intrinsic motivation enables people to make sustained progress toward significant goals, learn to take risks as well as explore and develop their potential to the fullest. In my view, this would be very good for the new community.



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